Raja Ampat, Deep Forests, Marine Park and the Paradise of Diving

When you have the time never miss a chance to the eastern Indonesia, Kepala Burung, West Papua, its waters have a thousands beautiful pearls with sea garden around.

The islands that spread from the islands of Salawati, Wajeo, Lisol, Batanta surrounded by about 600 other smaller islands, most (80 percent) areas is a conservation and natural park area, the heart was trembling while looking heavily on the forests of this area, mysterious but beautiful!

Wildlife is never found elsewhere, the voice of shouted nuri birds (nuri black head - Lorius lory), the memory was carried to a song in the past, "Burung Kakatua"... Well, here we can found this beautiful bird, cockatoo king (Probosciger aterrimus). Luxuriance forest keep multiple animals and various kinds of forest orchids, also we can find the species that banned taken out of its habitat, Tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes mirabilis), anthill (Myrmecodia jack) and a variety of nutritious plants as a drugs/medicine.

The heavens for divers and the underwater sea lovers, right! It was here, crystal clear seawater, the charm of sea park with colorful coral reef a place for fish to play, see some beautiful ornamental fish swimming in it.

Not only the beauty of the ocean depths that can be enjoyed, a time for a visit to Sawinggrai Village, Meos Mansar District. In this village can be seen the agility of Cenderawasih birds (Birds of Paradise) in their natural habitat.

Some Cenderawasih bird species in Sawinggrai, namely Red Cenderawasih (Paradisaea rubra), Cenderawasih split rattan (Cicinnurus magnificus), Small Cenderawasih (Paradisaea minor), and Large Cenderawasih (Paradisaea apoda).

When the bird is going to be married, they danced beautifully. The males will gather to compete shows the beauty of his feathers to attract female birds in order to get attention and then marry the female birds.

How to get there:

Transportation. Ferry Route Sorong - Waisai Tercinta Beach, city of Waisai, District Raja Ampat. Tariff Rp120.000, - (13.96 USD) per person, about 2.5 hours.

Accommodation. Sorido Bay & Kri Eco Resort with dive and tour guide.

Tourism attractions.
- Diving and snorkeling
- Speedboat tour
- "Eco tour" with speedboat (35 minutes) looking at the surrounding big Lolan Tree with about 10 meters high above the hills saw the flying Cenderawasih birds with occasional "love" on a branch (morning 6:00 to 07:00 hours and afternoon 04:00 to 05:00 hours local time)
- A visit to the "Bird Park" in Bukit Hau, Village Sawinggrai, Gam Island, Raja Ampat Regency with a variety of birds, Red Cenderawasih, King Parrots-Cockatoo, White Parrots, Red Parrots and Maleo birds
- Visiting tribal settlements where most of life as a fisherman, for example in the village Kurkapa, District Mansar Meos and District Kabui

(Various sources /Images Setiadi Darmawan)


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