Breakfast at Floating Market, Banjarmasin

The aircraft landed at the airport Syamsuddin Noor, Banjarmasin, hot weather typical of the tropics country, always sweating, the atmosphere was so crowded at the airport. A friend picked up there, waving.

Objectives into the city of Banjarmasin, a city known as 'the city with a thousand rivers’. Indeed most people in this town doing various activities through the river, local residents who live in the interior of Borneo sell a variety of everyday uses boat (Banjar people call them 'jukung') and a boat with motor machine (klotok).

Before having the experience on the river together with the inland local residents, preferably first around the city of Banjarmasin. The town is busy with various activities of its inhabitants. The city have many and unique typical cuisine.

Some typical drink in this town is 'ice mixed fruit' - it's so horrendous, crowded with a diverse mixture of fruits to relieve thirst in the hot sun at noon, as well as Tapai Gambut made from fermented cassava that has been known to various places, it's very tasty and sweet...

The next day in the early morning hours of 4:00 am immediately to the city center using a taxi (car rental) approximately 4 km to Pier Kuin (Dermaga Kuin) on the Barito river, the jukung had been waiting or klotok, the cost about Rp 60.000, - (7 USD) to go to the location of the Floating Market (Pasar Terapung) for about 15-20 minutes.

Tracing the journey of Martapura River upstream to the Barito River empties into the track like a trip in Venice, Italy, wooww... Listen to the sound waves on the edge of the jukung boat... Beautiful!

Scenery on the banks of the river gives the interesting impression and funny, the people on the banks of the river began conducting its activities, bathing in the river, some women of local residents were washing clothes and various other activities, haha...

Arriving at the floating market, a typical scene like a crowded market, just all the transactions occurred on the boat, various kinds of daily necessities such as river fish, vegetables, cooking, fruit, local pastries - wadai (Banjar typical cake) and the other various needs.

The vendors use the jukung boats will approach us and offer their goods, be prepared to answer with the local language, the language of Banjar. They do not understand English, better the tour guides answer it, haha...

In the morning when the sun had not risen more comfortable trying Soto Banjar, delicious... Local foods that have a distinctive taste of local flavor Banjar, with a mixture of meat and fish and steamed chicken eggs... They provide the larger jukung that became breakfast on jukung board, wow... Take jukung boats up shop on the boat, it felt really different while waiting for sunrise...

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(Various sources and friend's story /Image CC, Ikhsan Santana)


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