Eco-Friendly Traveler, whether we agree?

Being tourists are not always just to enjoy a trip to various places, but also have a responsibility as global citizens who care about each other both to local residents and the environment or sites visited.

Taking photos is not necessarily prohibited as long as there is no prohibition against it in a sites/country. How about taking out the trash for example, is there any rules for it? Is not every country has laws and customs of the locals? Being environmentally friendly to tourists who apparently have to be a liability in addition to our right to travel to various places.

Some of the duties of a tourist needs to know, as follows:

1. Trash. Since the beginning we realized when visiting a place, leave a good impression for the local peoples, including in maintaining cleanliness. When we stay in a hotel or hostel should first identify the behavior of local residents there, how they keep the environment clean. At lunch when there are immediately throw trash into the space provided as an example.

2. Animals and Plants. It's sensitive to some tourist destinations, as there are some specific animals on the beach that looks dead, such as shells, then played just like that, but they also have the right to life. The same thing to plants, just enjoy the beauty of a tree, flower or anything that is nearby. Are not flowers are always beautiful when in their own environment?

3. Electronic tools including gadgets. It's also a sensitive thing for tourists, when using a music gadget, we put 'earphones', so we do not hear it when someone greets, this is very sad! Avoid the desire to play music too loud can disrupt the surrounding environment as well as gadgets, use as needed.When not used for electrical appliances should be turned off, or in the "Off" state. Inside the hotel, too, avoid turning on the lights or television when it is not really necessary, it is much better.

4. Fuel. Not driving even better, a lot of fun at a tourist site on foot or rented bicycle. It can add its own experience and more quickly recognize the situation in the major tourist attractions.

5. Souvenir. Buy a souvenir that does not make increasingly heavy burden on the move and take up space in the bag too many, many options for it, such as buying small souvenirs, hats, T-shirts, small ornaments, children's shoes and another that is unique. Avoid bringing plants/animals will be banned out of state destinations. For example in Indonesia some of the animals/plants banned taken out of its habitat, such as plants Tropical pitcher plant (Nephentes sp) from Borneo and others.

(Various sources /Image CC)


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