"Lady Gaga’s Day" and the Facial Tattooed of Taiwan 'Taiya Tribe'

Native tribes in the mountains of northern Taiwan living from agriculture since time immemorial, but has tremendous courage. Even when the Japanese occupied mainland China with great difficulty dealing with them, fought bravely and Taiya tribe could expel the migrants who want to occupy their land.

The use of tattoos on the face is a sign of maturity and as a tribal identification, the symbol is believed to be - used by the soul of the deceased to find his family. When they grow up a man of their tribe to hunt a human head and a woman must learn how to knit to be allowed to tattoo the face.

Taiya village settlements has a very unique architectural building with walls made of bamboo and they both were already familiar with the use of wood. Look at the structure of the roof half-spin or low-side and main entrance door and side door. Architecture that takes into account many things along with the times.

The cool mountain nature makes people of Taiya tribe understand the ins and outs mountainous land in addition to the ability to weave that has been owned since the time of their ancestors, they also plant the flowers, citrus, guava, peaches, and mushrooms as an agricultural product that meets the needs of their lives. Passion is always arise when the peach season arrives, though highly seasonal, but the atmosphere there will soon be visited by the tourists crowded.

Why Lady Gaga interested in the history of this mountain tribes? Yes, within the tribe is known for a ‘similar term’ with the name of Lady Gaga, namely the group of Gaga! What is the group of Gaga?

Gaga group is a belief that is created in accordance with the historical development of Taiya tribe, they arise from the activities together in worship, hunting, even in terms of sharing activities that might harm others. For those groups Gaga is the guardian angel.

Despite the history of the group that is believed Gaga Taiya tribe, the Lady Gaga visit their village for five days from July 1, 2011. Lady Gaga in Taiwan did not expect when there is a tribe that had much earlier than the past using her name, like!

She really appreciated the visit was over there, even a number of school children in Taichung area greeted with dancing and singing, "Gaga! Gaga".

Lady Gaga use the moment of her arrival there while promoting her new album "Born This Way" on the streets of the city for five days. She was very appreciative with the idea that Taichung Mayor then announced July 3 as "Lady Gaga's Day" She did not expect a warm welcome given by local residents and citizens of Taichung, which is the largest city in the mountains of northern Taiwan.

As a sense of admiration for the speech, she gave a free concert and sings nine songs from her new album to an estimated 40 thousand fans attendance known as "Little Monster".

Taiya tribe was located in the quiet and cool air mountains, but Lady Gaga is able to warm the atmosphere, thousands of fans with exactly the same attributes with their idol Lady Gaga singing together, "Gaga! Gaga!"

(Various sources Kompas, www2.tyccc.gov.tw/tyccc1/walktaiwan /Image CC)


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