The faithful onthel-bicycle along the old town, Oud Batavia

Exploring the old town of Jakarta in the afternoon become an enjoyable experience when riding an onthel-bicycle. Old bicycle that had been forgotten, because of the comings of new types of bikes even the price more high. .

Bicycle still prevail until the early years of 1980 and since the presence of a new type of bike is more lightweight, compact, higher and stylish, this bike is slowly disappeared from the streets of major cities and forgotten by the wearer. This type bike can only be found later in rural areas.

In its heyday many as they circulate from the Dutch Gazelle and Simplex, Derby from Belgium, the Union of the United States to Falter from Germany. Several other types were once known as Sunbeam, Fongers and other brands as well as Burgers, Raleigh and Phillips.

Old city of Jakarta, Oud Batavia apparently never forget this kind of bike, very easy to see the onthel-bicycle in an area of 1.3 square kilometers that had developed after Fatahillah seize the Port of Sunda Kelapa that ruled by the Hindu Pajajaran kingdom in 1526 (

Groups of tourists who love all things nostalgic smell of European flavoured in the past and the atmosphere of the old town, including riding an onthel-bicycle and explore up to the corners of all ancient buildings across the region to the exotic Port of Sunda Kelapa.

Cycling always brought a different atmosphere in this modern era.

(Various sources /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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