The Last Atlantis Mission and the 'Space Travel' Gadgets

Thousands of people thronged the Kennedy Space Center during launch of Atlantis space shuttle on Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 11:26 EDT local time, historic space travel because for the last time carried out by NASA. The Atlantis 37th mission and 135th spacecraft mission.

All attention focused on the plane when the fuel ignited, 30 seconds into launch, the billowing white smoke and smoldering flames from the bottom of the fuel tank as a prelude to the launch of Atlantis, the plane flew into the sky can still be seen up to 42 seconds before it disappeared behind the clouds toward the ISS (International Space Station).

Astronaut in charge are Chris Ferguson (commander), Doug Hurley (pilot), Sandra Magnus and Rex Walheim (mission specialist) for 12 days. Of course, interesting in space traveling, look at the ball of the earth from outer space is so beautiful. As well as specific tasks within the framework of the research, one of the missions is conduct on the radiation effect of two iPhone 4 gadgets.

The astronauts will use the gadget, once they arrived at the ISS, activate the software application to perform experiments using the camera, gyroscopes and sensors which located on the iPhone. All phases of the experiment is provided, the astronauts can immediately follow the steps provided.

Indeed, since iPhone 4 was launched in 2010, this gadget has been equipped with gyroscopes that support experiments in weightless space. Gyroscope makes the iPhone can be used to determine the orientation and position of the spacecraft in orbit.

Imagine using a gadget in outer space, making us curious to know how to work a gadget there. According to Brian Rishikof, CEO of Odyssey Space Research, aerospace research firm in Houston, Texas who designs software applications Spacelab for iOS, that anyone can try it, though giving different results because of the influence of earth gravity.

Although the fee is 1 USD for each software download from their site, but it's very interesting to know how to find these gadgets work against altitude calculations in an earth position, the approximate of longitude and latitude of the earth gadgets position. Come on, give it a try soon!

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(Various sources Kompas, Odyssey Space Research /Image CC)


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