Travel Tips on the Sea or Ships

Well, if some of your time on the trip at a tourist site in one country, suddenly a lot of tourist sites that are scheduled by ship or small boat. You will be confronted with the waves that hit and shook all the limbs. Of course this is an enjoyable experience, but does not apply to certain people.

It could be the condition of the body is still tired from the trip from the previous day and had to get up early to catch the ship across to an tourist locations that have been scheduled.

How to deal with this situation?

1. Body condition. It's the first thing to note, in order to obtain a nice trip, especially if the travel has been scheduled tightly and forced to follow the tour. Take the hangover medication, try (should) have breakfast and not too full. Inspect all things before leaving for at least half an hour before the departure of the ship.

2. Ship or boat. It's the next thing we need to be observed. Indeed there are tours that provide only small ships or boats that will split large waves, for example in Eastern Indonesia region generally only use boats or small ships. Return to the tips number 1 above, the condition of the body should be fresh.

If you have an option please take the larger ships, because the blow of the waves are not too pronounced.

3. The sooner the better on board. True it was a tactical move for a traveler, because it has many options to determine the seat or a comfortable position. The front of the crazy-fast boats are generally raised up, having to hit the waves, so soon select a seat in the back. In addition when the storied ship choose to sit at the base ground only, because the blow of the waves is less felt in there.

4. Seat locations. Try not exposed to sunlight and look around the room the ship, whether the circulation is good enough, that's why the sooner got into the boat we have the opportunity to examine the condition around.

5. Pray and stay calm. Of course we want to travel above the sea going well, because somehow always unforeseen circumstances occur, a calm heart better than we think negatively about the trip. Do not we want to have fun on the way?

6. Prepare for the worst. When feeling the urge to vomit still felt during the trip, please calm down. Do not Panic! That's the first thing implanted in your heart, breathing in deeply and exhale slowly, then quickly prepare plastic vomit bags, look at the distance and turbulence waves alongside the boat, enjoy the pounding of a raging sea. That can forget the feeling of wanting to vomit.

7. Books or gadgets. Busy themselves immediately to read if possible, bring the interesting book to read and began to drown themselves in the thrill of reading. Better we forget for a moment the trip on the water, because reading can be distracting. Gadgets are also useful to put music on earphones, make busy of yourself with songs.

8. Joking with travel companions. Of course with the joke we're going to distract from the feeling in our heart, joking and chatting about the trip.

Happy trip on the way!

(Various sources /Image CC and Deddy Suwanda)


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