Enjoy the night life in Gili Trawangan

You will never stop to enjoy a walk in the afternoon, the atmosphere was like the party. Gili Trawangan is a little different than the night in Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Many offers are available there and a kind of unwritten agreement between the owner of the café at night, they regularly held "beach party" with a different turns.

Want to enjoy Irish beer immediately visit the shop "Tir Na Nog" and other menus, such as delicious fresh grilled fish and varied selection of European menus. The atmosphere in this place is quite pleasant with a friendly atmosphere as well as several buildings woven arts here and there.

Other appropriate place selected eg Gili Deli Resto with European food style, there is no doubt, by the beach atmosphere and unique flowering interior. There is another place, Dive Indonesia Restaurant with their crowded visitors, as they often play a movie using the large screen projector. Ah, enjoy the dinner while watching the movie...

There are still many options available in Gili Trawangan lined with restaurants along the beach. Do not worry if budgets are limited, because they are easily seen dining with a selection of typical local foods Indonesia and China around the port. A place to eat called Central Gili Trawangan an interesting visit for the backpacker, the menu is quite varied ranging mix rice (nasi campur) and are also available seafood, grilled chicken and hot spicy puyung rice from Lombok origins.

Talking about tourism in the area of Gili Trawangan is amazing with so many horrendous party, was so exciting nightlife and tourists can vent their excitement and danced as they pleased until the early morning. When the stomach starts hungry then opened up a selection of cafés, karaoke, not to mention for seafood fans will certainly be satisfied with a menu available.

There are still many options to relax there, like Scallywag Beach Restaurant with a menu of Indonesian food, seafood and a variety of European foods.

Then for those who still want the atmosphere of Bali, there is a restaurant called Cafe Wayan Resto homemade menu such as pasta and deli food menu features typical Balinese and other Asian countries, even if you want to look for Indian-style spicy foods can visit the Pesona Indian Resto or food scented east, Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant with sushi, teriyaki, rice, miso soup, chicken teriyaki and tuna carpaccio.

No need to hesitate to enjoy the night life in Gili Trawangan with a variety of cafés and restaurants, ranging from European food, Chinese and local Indonesia cuisine.

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(Various sources / Image Gili Deli and Frank Benjamin)


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