The Original "Liwet Rice" in banana leaves plate, it’s really tasty!

The body is still sweating off the bus at the Solo bus terminal, Central Java, early morning hours of 2:15 am, still sleepy and a little confused to see the surroundings. Some bus drivers were sleeping on a bench in the corner of the waiting room, the air is humid and the sweat did not stop.

Want to quickly find the hostel and went to sleep after a long journey from Jakarta, but soon remembered the advice of a friend in Solo. There is a place to eat typical Solo, original liwet rice (nasi liwet) with dish using banana leaves, it's cheap and tasty.

The place is named Mother Tik's Liwet Rice (Nasi Liwet Bu Tik) in front Purwosari Station, Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Solo and open only after 0:00 am hours. Another friend suggested to another place at night, looking for special food just visit the region of Keprabon Solo, Central Java. Moreover, it’s must be the Liwet Rice.

Liwet Rice is the Solo culinary famous and well liked in this country, the food is cooked with white coconut milk. Javanese food is generally always feel a little sweet, and indeed it was very tasty liwet rice and rather thick when we eat it.

Given a mixture of rice cooked chicken broth seasoning, no wonder if then immediately smell the fragrance, the sensation of coconut and chicken that comes out of puff rice. Wooww...

It has a variety of culinary mixture causing a sensation when eaten, given the additional rice chicken cut into small pieces (suwir-suwir), vegetable squash, boiled pindang eggs and kumut. White coloured kumut made of thick coconut milk.

Liwet Rice has become a culinary gala for buyers in the shop, where they have many options to increase the appetite, we still offered again with a full menu of extras such as steamed scrambled eggs, liver ampela, krecek and also chicken opor, marinated tofu and tempeh bacem. Very festive isn’t it?

Warung Mother Tik's Liwet Rice is a very very simple place and the price really cheap, the mother will be served with rice and then wait to order liwet immediately come up with a dish made of sheets of banana leaves, find a comfortable seat or sitting down under the mat (tikar), lesehan.

Solo is a unique place, all looks calm and no visible impression of haste and liwet rice were friends in the evening until morning comes. Dine while accompanied by a fragrant and delicious aroma of food. Yummy!

(Various sources /Image Prima Widi Hatmi and M. Atik)


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