Caci Dance of East Manggarai, the Bloody Dance

A village is preparing a ceremonial feast of the village clean-interference of evil spirits, the village chief said the party is offering to the ancestors by offering a cow, rooster and pig.

Traditional ritual ceremony that took place at Kampung Pandoa, Komba Village, East Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara is a ceremonial Sesedompo Feast attended by various tribes in the surrounding villages, such as Tribes of Laja, Seso, Ngeli, Motu, Roka and Sawu and other invited people.

Sesedompo Feast also be made a party to celebrate the successful harvest, education and peace that is felt by the people of Kampung Pandoa, a ceremony of thanksgiving to the ruler of the universe.

Caci Dance is part of the ritual events that awaited by the village community, thrilling, show a bloody battle. Takes courage to be able to bring this dance!

Caci is a single combat turns, the opponent will be hit with a whip (pecut – by the locals) is made from dried buffalo skin, the opponent will try to fend off (ta'ang) using nggiling (shield - also made of buffalo leather) and tereng (bow - made of bamboo).

Before the fight begins, the opening is a ritual dance Danding (Tandak Manggarai) brought by several female and male dancers. Dancers will sing for the warrior spirit of Caci dancers, so do not be afraid to fight.

Then do a warm-verbal brawler, moving the body of a horse-like movements. Began to dance around the arena, fighters of Caci then sing traditional songs challenging opponent. The fight began, the attack begins by moving the rod toward the opponent, must be careful when exposed to the whip.

When exposed to lash the opponent will give the wound a red line of blood in the body and when the body receives lashes many times, the blood flow immediately.

Manggarai distinctive culture which is part of local traditional arts, describes the social morality as a symbol of repentance of men in their lives, from two syllables: "ca" - meaning ‘one’ and "ci" means ‘the test’ in the local language of the tribes in Manggarai, Caci has meaning in general is a test against each other to prove who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and that’s why performed by two dancers of Caci.

Bloody dance, but they are still fun, it's part of traditional rituals.

(Many sources /Image CC)


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