Xisiqiao, village of the Snakes...

A unique way to earn income by villagers who only inhabited by 160 families. They unhesitatingly chose the serpent as the main source of income to millions of dollars to increase their standard of living.

Agriculture is no longer the option and not being able to change their fate. Yang Hongchang, 60 years, studying methods of breeding snakes, and then introduce the way to the entire population of the village since 1985, initially the villagers feel strange with a snake breeding methods, but eventually they realize the benefits that can be derived from snake breeding business in the long run.

"We've been researching various types of snakes and now we continue "We've been researching various types of snakes and now we continue to cattle it," he said.

A village in Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province named Xisiqiao occupied nearly three millions of snakes of various types, such as cobra, viper and python, already a trust for the people of China's most snake meat that provide benefits for health and treatment.

Snake meat as a base for the treatment course was foreign to residents of other countries, but for traditional Chinese medicine, blood, meat and snake bile is efficacious cure various diseases.

As a foodstuff of course quite special snake meat soup, for example python soup similar to chicken soup, the texture of the meat is very tender and a bit slightly tough. Python fried served with chili sauce, delicious and tasty. Some foods are processed from snakes such as snake bile blood potions that have the efficacy to cure diseases, such as skin diseases, gout, asthma, coughs, allergies, ulcers, diabetes, liver, rheumatism and so on.

Only one thing they fear a snake breeder, ie bites. As said by the Hongchang, "Can be deadly venomous snake with the poison carried by the bite."

Anything is possible, but it's a strange way of increasing revenue.

(Various sources Kompas/Image CC)


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