Jaksa Street and the Backpacker, the streets that brings memories

The girl was still staring into the street outside the hostel where she works, she pondered why today was so hot outside. Afternoon at Jalan Jaksa (Jaksa Street) is different from the usual, the air so hot and she had to use the fan loud enough to be able to expel heat in the vicinity.

The atmosphere in front of the hostel was so crowded, busy passing car stopped in front of the hostel, put up banners and little flags. There is so busy and not as usual.

True these days the Jakarta Tourism Office will hold Jalan Jaksa Festival 2011, on July 23 and 24, 2011 to commemorate Jakarta’s 484th anniversary and Indonesia’s 66th Independence Day.

Then no more surprised for her to see the commotion outside because of Jalan Jaksa is a suitable place to hold a tourists event in particular traditional and Betawi art (native Jakarta tribe) such as, heck, traditional martial arts, gambang kromong, tanjidor, marawis and ondel-ondel.

She saw some local government officials from Jakarta are building a large stage in a way which will feature Jakarta and Betawi artists and elsewhere in the corner was built a few booths for traditional food vendors, community artists and attended by participants to conduct batik workshops and dance collaboration from other provinces, such as East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, and Bengkulu. What a lively festivals!

Jaksa Street (Jalan Jaksa) has been known since 1960 by the world backpacker, because of the hostels there offers comfortable and inexpensive rate, including daily necessities for travelers with tight budgets. Roads with a width of 8 meters is located in Central Jakarta, 1 km south of National Monument (Monas Statue) and the west railway station Gondangdia.

Jalan Jaksa name itself comes from the Dutch period when a student of Law at the Rechts Hogeschool Batavia live down the street, so it became known as Jalan Jaksa (Jaksa itself means Law Attorney/Prosecutor) and developed into resorts and travel transit point to all islands in Indonesia.

Not much change in this place just throbbing activity every day to make us interested in visiting to enjoy beer in a cafe there.

Lodge. Various options to stay in Jaksa Street is available as Bloem Steen Homestay, Krishna Homestay, Wisma Delima, Hotel Tator, Hotel Margot and others. Hostel rates Rp 30.000 – Rp 110.000 (3.5 – 12.83 USD).

Transportation. Busway Shelter near Bank Indonesia Shelter and Sarinah Shelter to all parts of the city of Jakarta.

Café and Restaurant. Bar, karaoke, night music and various European, Chinese, Indonesian and local food of Betawi culinary.

The little street of Jaksa along four hundreds meter but it always brings memories.

(Many sources Kompas and others/Image CC)


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