Plecing Rice Bondowoso, it feels hot and sweaty..

The culinary originating from Bali and then across to the east of Java island, exactly the little town of Bondowoso. Balinese seller food is of course make adjustments to the tongue and tastes of the peoples there, in order to obtain the client.

When the buyers intrigued by the menu offered, at first they ignore because the food is characterized by Bali, but when they've tried it they really like it.

Plecing Rice thus the name given by locals there. Tempting curiosity, what it feels like? And how do they make it?

We can see this on the front of food vendors in the town square (alun-alun) of Bondowoso, Street of Jaksa Agung Suprapto, "Plecing Rice Bondowoso" with various options available can be seen in the storefront shop, such as plecing rice yellow or white (Rp 5,000, -) with various topping grilled chicken or fried chicken and lalaban/vegetables (Rp 10.000, -) or with your own choice of dried shredded tempeh, sweet beef satay, fried rice noodles, perkedel and Bali eggs, pecek eggplant/tempeh/out soy sauce but it is also available lodeh kluwih, balado eggplant (Rp 2,500, -), curry rice (Rp 6000, -), rawon rice (Rp 7000, -), fried rice plecing (Rp 7,000, -)

All of the above menu tailored to the tastes of local residents, the seller create their inovation menu, when served with stir-fried shredded beef and vegetables sicy steam, menus in Bondowoso are built differently. Rice baked with herbs plecing!

Rice and spices wrapped in banana leaves and then baked, tiny pieces/stir-fried shredded salted fish spreading the aroma, the smell of banana leaves and fried shallot mixture of spices and then baked. Additional ingredients such as raw crushed garlic, lemongrass, galangal slices, chili, basil and bay leaf, humm...

Rice mixed spices baked wrapped in banana leaves, the middle section contains a small piece of salted fish, baked again until the leaves look wilted, the sign that has been completed and ready to eat.

Sellers asked if we would soon eat or coupled with fried calamari, fish, vegetables/lalaban and spicy sweet sauce. Ah, of course, just try everything as it can, why not?

When finished eating plecing rice that feels hot, immediately tries the local pastries such as the sweet klepon cakes, risoles and donuts Bondowoso, wooww...

(Various sources and friend story /Image CC-Supriadi Daud)


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