London - New York in 2 hours, Travel Journey will be faster!

Dream experience travel as quickly as possible seem increasingly manifest, in the morning we can still do something in the office, the day has moved continents and cut journey times across the Atlantic as an example.

Activity can be further shortened and more work can be done somewhere and doing tourist activities in another place immediately.

Could it? Possibly, deficiency and complaint previously been seen in the Concorde has been tried to minimized by an aerospace industries technology company HyperMach from England who attended the Paris Air Show last week, the SonicStar.

"People have always inspired to do things better, faster and faster and it is our ambition," said chief executive HyperMach, Richard Lugg.

When the aircraft is really going to be produced in 2025 immediately imagined the revolution movement of people in various places. The technology basically is to enable people and provide as many benefits rather than destroy.

So that happened and hope it can be realized, people easily arrange many activities planned, including trips to various places in the world that may be used to require a lot of time, cost and effort.

Time to move quickly without conscious human being already there, in 2025 and beyond we will see how the end of each year people want to vacation.

Refreshes the mind, having fun, chatting with family members or close friends, forget the routines as a motivation for a vacation.

Will be many changes when contacting travel agents/travel bureaus and travel packages to be selected, various travel tips about trip preparation to make people more comfortable. Package tours offered to be easy in handling all matters relating to our tourist activities such as hotels, transportation, dining, airfare and others.

All moving fast and a lot of things to do.
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  1. Losing the Concorde was sad, it was an amazing feat of engineering. I can't believe it's taken this long for a 'replacement' to come to light. If only as a luxury/business jet for the super rich...just as something to dream of: the austerity of the present seems to have left us without the fantastic impracticalities of past hey-days.

  2. Can understand your point, Greg... Maybe the jet business maker saw the market needs available, although it may be only for a few super rich people... But we can dream, one day can be a passenger there!

    Btw, thanks!


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