The delicious soto is still there, Soto Madura!

At noon in Surabaya, East Java a friend who was on duty during the week sent the city's culinary story. He was walking to some places and on the advice of a friend so he tried meat Soto Madura.

Soto Meats in the city of Surabaya is easily found as there are in most of every corners of the city, soto is the typical culinary of the city. The soto sellers always wear the name of the street where they sell as a trademark of their food, for example Soto Tapak Siring on the street of Tapak Siring, Soto Bengawan on the street of Bengawan and Soto Sulung will be found on the street of Sulung, Surabaya, of course.

City residents will no doubt say that the various types of soto in this town, the most delicious is the Soto Madura. When we eat the soto its must be equipped with a rice or ‘lontong’ (rice covered by banana leaf), eat while the soto still warm!

How about trying to Soto Sulung? Of course we should immediately go to street of Sulung, it is located adjacent to the row of shops there. Located not far from many other city culinary, such as chicken satay and lamb satay. But don’t we want to enjoy the soto?

Soto Sulung front store is not too large, sweltering air scent typical of Surabaya, so always prepared to be sweat. Haha... When the menu is offered, we simply asked if given a rice or with lontong.. That's all.

Soto Sulung provided in one serving, there are slices of meat, liver, tripe, intestines and half a boiled chicken egg. Additional spices like lemongrass, lime leaves and ginger adding our appetite.. The appearance really promising, once inhaled gravy soup with puff of smoke, the smell quickly master our tongue, feels meat broth, savory... Add a little lemon citrus and hot spicy sauce, Humm...

The meat was very tender, sliced into small pieces so the tongue taste the spices and tasted its flesh began to bite, felt all the spices out and meet the oral cavity. A special culinary experience! Do not forget, liver and tripe fried soft to be eaten soon after, it was very unique...

After adding the rice one dish more, it was still not satisfied, but the stomach is full.Undoubtedly Soto Madura really delicious, yummy...

(Based on the story of a friend from Surabaya, East Java - Bang Happy Bae /Image CC)


  1. Złoszczą się na kogoś (wybacz) tylko osoby obłudne ponieważ złość to skutek braku panowania nad pożądaniem: można rzec, że złościć można się tylko na siebie!


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