Sunda Kelapa Fried Rice Obama’s favored, "Everything is delicious!"

An interesting story when Obama was the guest of the state in Indonesia in the event state dinner at the State Palace, Jakarta when he visit Indonesia.

Obama enjoyed the state dinner with President Yudhoyono, "Thank you for the bakso, fried rice, chips and crackers," Obama said in a dinner speech, "Everything is delicious!"

Certainly arise curiosity menu served at dinner, one of them is the Sunda Kelapa Fried Rice. What kind of fried rice is it? This type of culinary in Indonesia often presented in the morning or noon and someone who very liked want to enjoyed in the evening.

How to make it so that Obama is so fond of these foods? Fried rice is of course a special way because of various spices and other food materials accompanying the crab, shrimp and squid.

As quoted from other sources, making fried rice through several stages, first mix the crab with ginger slices and then steamed for about 15 minutes. After that small pieces of shrimp and squid are included, and stirred until smooth.

A mixture of butter and sesame oil to give a special flavor to the shrimp and squid were mixed into it as well as fish oil, salt and pepper powder. In order to feel better and better still there are other enhancements, such as scrambled eggs, soy sauce, stir fry the onion until blended. Additional slices of red pepper, sliced scallions and peas.

When presented in a dinner of fried rice came with emping fries crackers and pickle chips fruit, it will be more delicious!

Well, if you want to enjoy firsthand one of the seller in Jakarta, "Nasi Goreng Pak No'" at a place in Kerawang Street in front of the Sunda Kelapa Mosque, Menteng.

In a corner of the road were rows of small stalls selling other food there, so many visitors there and be prepared to queue before getting services from the seller. Available a variety of menus, namely Goat Fried Rice, Tongseng and Goat Satay.

After waiting fried rice orders for long enough time, immediately tried a little and blend flavors will amaze the tongue. It’s delicious, as Obama said.

(Various sources /Image CC)


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