Langi Rice, taste better and make addictive...

Do you want to try the Javanese typical food? If you do not have time to Solo, Central Java (1 hour away by plane from Jakarta), can enjoy it in Jakarta. Restaurant "Pondok Pring Gading" Mal Kelapa Gading 5th Fl. 3, Eat and Eat, Food Market, Kelapa Gading. Restaurant serves Solo specialties food, Langi Rice (Nasi Langi) and Timlo Solo.

The menu is quite diverse but the mainstay of this restaurant is Langi Rice and Timlo, prepare to adjust the taste of the Java food. Sauces even a little bit sweet, it’s typical, for those who does not like spicy food of course here the right place.

Langi Rice is a diverse mixture of spices, of course there is rice, then lalaban vegetables, meat cut into small pieces (suwir), thin french fries (soreng), there are other additional meat on demand, serundeng (small slices of coconut fried), rice processed in such a way that feels soft, the food taste better.

Mother sellers say that they like to be creative with the new spices, but adapted to the Javanese tongue, food which has a slightly sweet taste. For a culinary hunter course must try this meal, Langi Rice for Rp 25,000, - (2.9 USD)

"We were like mixing cooking with herbs that we bought with the process it with the homemade taste of the tongue of Java. Many who like it," said the mother of the seller.

How to make a langi rice is need patience to cultivate it, puree onion, garlic, and coriander. Then mix coconut milk with salt, seray, galangal and spices that have been mashed, then bring to a boil.

Afterwards steamed rice until half cooked, then place in pan, pour the boiling milk, stirring until the coconut milk is absorbed out, steamed again until cooked. To increase the appetite of course served with chicken opor, serundeng nuts and sauteed tempeh.

Some friends who've tried to say, be prepared to be very full belly, still want to add on, makes you addicted, "This is delicious, meat marinade and feels so soft," they said.

(Various sources / Image Prima Widi Hatmi and Pring Gading)


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