City of Rosedale, "Travelling Riverside Blues"

When a friend upload a blues song at a social media site, I accidentally looked into the bottom row of another song, aha... There's a song of a legendary British band, Led Zeppelin, "Travelling Riverside Blues"... Immediately turned my mouse and click...

I enjoyed their music for a long time, Robert Plant was always fun and Jimmy Page's guitar slide on this song, thrilling and beautiful!

Despite the song became famous with the lyrics that have sexual connotations, "I want you to squeeze my lemon..... until the juice runs down my leg.."


Apparently this is not the original song from Led Zeppelin, the song tells of the inner experience of the songwriters, American blues figure, Robert Johnson. Interesting story about a song that catapulted the name of a city that became so famous, became a kind of marker to commemorate the legendary blues artist Robert Johnson's songs.

Rosedale is a town in Mississippi, the United States with a population that is not too much about 3000 people, situated on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, approximately midway between the mouths of the Arkansas and White Rivers, which flow into the Mississippi from the Arkansas on western side.

Of the more interesting places to visit this town to remember its history is closely linked with many famous blues musicians such as pianist and blues singer Dennis Binder and famous jazz drummer in Chicago, Isaac "Redd" Holt.

Walking the streets of this city, looking for the part where the Mississippi River is told in that blues song. Of course, a wonderful journey, one day.

(Various sources /Image CC)


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