Rafflesia flower is different from the Carrion flower!

So it always happens during these mass media even unknowingly participate in presenting the image of these two types of such flowers. These misconceptions have occurred long ago and even school children were often guilty distinguish them. Obviously different!

Some environmental groups, such as Komunitas Peduli Puspa Langka Bengkulu (Community Care for Rare Puspa Bengkulu), Komunitas Peduli Puspa Langka Bengkulu (Bengkulu Rare Puspa Community Care) and Tim Peduli Puspa Langka Tebat Monok (Care Team Puspa Rare Tebat Monok) have regular activities in monitoring the development of the rare and unique forest giant flowers, Rafflesia. They goes into the forest where the habitat of this flower can be found, collect data on the location where the flower buds can be found. Recently they found 14 buds of Rafflesia flower in the area of primary forest, primary forest is a minimum condition for this flower to bloom.

Forests must be preserved under certain conditions and prevented from over-exploitation, so that the quality of the forest as conservation forest can potentially generate a variety of plants grow and bloom well, "We hope the forest can be protected and spared from excessive use, these flower buds will bloom regularly until the end in of 2011!" they said.

Rafflesia flower (Rafflesia arnoldii from the family Rafflesiaceae) red-colored grows sideways with a diameter about 1 meter and 50 cm high. This flower has no roots, stems and leaves with 5 crown. At the bottom of the barrel-shaped flowers are pistil extracts depending on the sex of flowers. The existence of pistil and stamens are not in one house determine the percentage of fertilization with the help of insects, small flies, because this two different sex flowers did not grow at the same time in adjacent places. Period of growth rate takes nine months, the bloom is only 5-7 days after it became withered.

While the Carrion flowers (Amorphophallus titanum Bec) cream-colored on the outside and the stigma soaring upward. Purple-red petals. As the shape of a trumpet. Rafflesia grows wider, the Carrion flowers grow tall. Carrion flower species Amorphophallus titanum Bec can reach a height of 4 m to the top with a diameter of about 1.5 m.

Carrion flower are the plants in the genus Amorphophallus (family Araceae). Plants with the world's largest compound flower, giant flowers! Unlike the Rafflesia that can not grow in outside their areas, the Carrion flower able to grow out of their habitat. Rafflesia is a parasite on vines, Carrion flowers grow on the tuber itself.

The smell of rot is characteristic of these flowers, the smell of carrion, so foul! Unique scent, dimethyl sulfides, including disulfide and trisulfide have been detected, the smell aims to attract beetles and flies pollinators for the flowers.

No need to walk very far to find the original habitat of this giant flowers about 52 km along the area of Conservation Forest Taba Penanjung, Bengkulu Province, from the edge of the rainforest area of Bengkulu Kepahiang highway runs about 5-10 meters immediately apparent where the flowers are usually found. Rare unique flowers!

Bengkulu forest area does have its own uniqueness with the rare giant flowers, arising out of curiosity to adventure into the woods. The nature there is still so wild, we may find a variety of wild animals, tigers, different kinds of snakes, various birds passing by inside the forest.

Recommended for groups entering inside the forest together with the community of environmentalists who already know the ropes. Travel with a little bit adventure!

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(Various sources Kompas, wiki /Image CC)


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