Batu Karas a quiet place for Surfer... The waves never stop!

If you liked the clean beach atmosphere, continuous waves, the south coast of Java island is worth to visit, green grass hills, swift flowing river currents typical of Indonesia's natural scenery and not many tourists knows and visit it. Beautiful place!

Quiet place but some tourists can be found there at the cafe around the beach, sunbathing on the beach, swimming or surfing. Immediately thought of the very similar atmosphere with Bali, but even not too crowded.

Even though the waves are not equal cruelty as the Lagundri Beach and Sorake Beach on Nias Island or in the Mentawai Islands, but worth a shot for the surfer... This place also brings the curiosity to try the waves!

Batu Karas is located about 6 hours drive from the capital Jakarta, so need to prepare themselves about everything that can be enjoyed safely and conveniently.

1. Transportation
a. Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, AC Bus "PO Budiman" Jakarta - Banjar
Rp 40.000, - (4.6 USD)
b. Banjar - Pangandaran (34 km) Non AC Regular Bus - Rp 30.000, - (3.5 USD)
c. Pangandaran - Cijulang with Minibus (public transportation) Rp 10.000,- (1.2 USD)
d. Cijulang - Batu Karas with Motorcycle Taxi driver (ojek): Rp 15.000, -
(1.7 USD)
e. Private Car: From Toll Road Cileunyi - Banjar - Pangandaran - Batukaras

2. Lodging
a. Hotel / Hostel / Homestay
- Lotus Hotel - Contact Person Yeni - 0816-623372 and 0265-7082024
- Standard Room Non AC Rp 100,000 (10.2 USD) per night, max 4 persons
- Bungalow AC Rp 250,000 (29.1 USD) per night, max 6 persons
- Bungalow Non AC Rp 200,000 (23.2 USD) per night, max 6 persons
(Week end rate - added Rp 50.000, - / 5.8 USD)

b. Java Cove Beach Hotel (in front of the Coast)
- Suite Room Rp 795.000, - (92.4 USD) per night, max 4 persons
- Standard Room (Non AC) to Rp 132.000, - (15.3 USD)
- Telephone 0265 633 683
- Web site:, e-mail:

c. Hostel – Mother (ibu) Tarwiyah - Contact Person Ms. Tarwiyah/Mas Agus
- Telephone 0852 2339 9218
- This hostel has a surf shop equipment "Baysurf"
- Standard Room Non AC Rp 100,000 - Rp 300,000, - (11.6 – 34.9 USD) bathroom, max 3 Person

d. Local House Residents
- Standard Room Rp 100,000, - - Rp 300.000, - (11.6 – 34.9 USD) per night

3. Food and Culinary
a. Cafe - European Food, Chinese Food, Indonesian Food - low prices
b. Warung "Kang Ayi" - various menu of seafood, grilled fish, grilled shrimp, coconut ice, ice mixed fruits and others
c. Local residents shop - Sundanese and Indonesian food with a spicy sauce with the package price "All You Can Eat" Rp 12.500, - (14.5 USD)

4. Tourism Location
a. Batu Karas Beach with waves that challenge surfers
b. Green Canyon – refers the same name in the US (Local people call it "Cukang Taneuh")
- The clear river and Waterfall
- Exploring the cave with stalagtite and stalagnit hidden behind the cliffs of green
moss and rock on the left-right
- Swim in the cave, thrilling experience!
- Rent a motor boat Rp 75.000,- (8.7 USD) max 5 person
- Body Rafting 3-4 miles from Green Canyon equipped with buoys equipment Rp 100,000,- (11.6 USD) max 5 person
- Enjoy the sunset at Batu Hiu Beach 30 minutes drive from Batu Karas Beach, high waves and creepy coral stone! Pls, Do not swim in there, it’s dangerous!

5. Another thing that needs to be prepared
a. Always prepare Cash Money - Bank BRI ATM 1 km near the Office of Local Government District
b. Internet just for 1-2 provider only
c. Drugs
d. Sunglasses to withstand the glare of the sun

6. The best time to visit
a. Around June-July, the weather in the dry season, river water looks more clear and
b. Enjoyable the higher waves for the surfer
c. Friendly weather not to hot

(Various sources /Image CC,Yonke Rusman, muncingdhs and Olenka Priyadarsani)


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