Culinary Travel Tips in other Country

Often on a trip in other country we see different types of food in the streets or in certain locations, the body getting tired and need a short break. Seen a series of appetizing foods, are we immediately tried it or get a little wary?

Some things to note, for example:

1. Check first through magazines or browsing on the internet. Nothing’s wrong with providing a minute to browse the internet, do a search on where to recommended restaurants and if we want to get a conviction, take a look at the restaurant where a lot of visitors. Guaranteed the restaurant has a delicious menu.
2. Internet searching can provide recommendations about the typical food of a place/state. Searching through Google can give advice on typical food of a place, and so if we get to the place of destination, immediately asked the local residents. This is a "win-win solution", because we get the best information about a unique food, on the other hand helped the local residents income.
3. Check the budget and price accordingly. We need to prepare for how the budget provided for the hunt of a unique and distinctive food of a country, we should do some research back and ask, can also after being in a restaurant just check the menu and see the price listed. They understand the condition of a tourist. Do not worry about looking at a restaurant, not all the food there expensive. Opportunity to try a special culinary is certainly a memorable experience.
4. Provide upset stomach, such as an antacid and anti-diarrhea medicine. Haha... This is necessary because when we are too eager to try a special menu, it is too spicy condiment or do not fit in our stomachs. It does not matter, because the return trip is always an experience in trying new and it is fun! Try to place the drugs located in the bag pockets so easy to find immediately. An other advice given by JoBlossom (, the fastest way when our stomach is impaired by drinking yoghurt or take a multi-flora tablets to settle the stomach.
5. Do not be tempted food at the airport. Usually the food at the airport or on board have special viewings or inviting curiosity to try, such as sandwiches, but would risk an expensive price. The real adventure for food/culinary we had better in place or city that will be addressed. Better pack your own meal in the bag.
6. Avoid drinks that have not been cooked. In certain countries, it is advisable to do not drink the water, do not eat raw foods. fruit and vegetables: peel it, wash it, cook it or forget it! Be cautious of buying from street vendors. At fairs they should be okay, or outside of a department store (if the wares are from the store).
7. Provide other medicines or vaccines against certain diseases. Sometimes in a country is going outbreaks of certain diseases, it is necessary to ask when we arrive in a country, such as outbreaks of flu and other diseases.
8. For those who have abstinence. For example we do not like to eat the forbidden foods contain a certain belief, for example, Hindus abstain from eating beef, Moslem who abstain from foods containing pork and so on. It is recommended to try a vegetarian restaurant.
9. Possible allergy. Asked prior to the waiter about food ingredients made from any spicy or material, it is better to prevent than to have trouble in other countries, isn’t it?

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