Marina Bay Sands, the Promise of the Modern Life

That woman are still waiting for a taxi at Changi airport, looking for something like missing someone. She looked at her watch on her left arm, then spoke on the gadgets and go back to the left and right, what she was looking for?

Yes, this time she chose a vacation to Singapore and will spend the weekend there, she looks dreamily at the taxi, looking out the window. She will look for hotels in the area of Orchard Road and hope a few friends had already waited at the hotel. They will do the trip in Singapore.

During the day she spent time at the hotel with her other friends and began to walk around Orchard, window shopping, humm... Singapore without enjoying a new icon of the country of Lion, was less complete, where is it?

Marina Bay Sands, the latest tourist destinations there with a magnificent building in the southern island since the initial offering of lifestyle needs, arts, entertainment and business in a region. That's where they are headed, look at afternoon sunlight on the building, glass buildings make it a golden shine.

200 meters tall buildings towering into the sky so arrogant in there as if calling in the distance, Marlion Lion statues that continue to spout water from its mouth. She was busy taking photographs there and cheered with her friends.

This magnificent building is a subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands Corp., which engaged in the service industry meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions ((MICE) would provide all the needs for various groups according to the facilities provides.

The area is always bustling with activity in the communities where it empties into the Singapore River kept stretching. More and more crowded in the afternoon with visitors who walk, just sit back, jogging and other sports.

Unique building shaped M (Marina), Marina Bay Sands Hotel consists of three towers, with a height of 55 floors built by architect Moshe Safdie of Boston, United States, the top three hotel towers connect to each other to hold the ship-like building, covering an area of 12,400 meters Sand SkyPark square swimming pool, restaurant in the sky. Singapore's unique scenery seen from the top of this building!

Marina Bay Sands offers all the necessities for the lifestyle, art installation of some famous artists, Gormley, Zheng and Carpenter. Nice to meet some part of the building!

She seemed to speak with her friends to be there soon, but some friends say it tomorrow, there's still time to get to know new buildings in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands is special with various facilities such as hotels and resorts as well as expo space, theater (Sands Theatre and Le Theatre) and the casino, located on one side of the street. All facilities are available interconnected through the corridor, provided access to a place that is above or below ground.

When the Formula 1 season arrive according to FIA calendar street circuit at Marina Bay Street Circuit will be filled by various people from various countries who enjoy the atmosphere inside and outside through the big screen or a beer around the tents selling merchandise.

Ah, all available within a region, the promise of modern life. Is there anything else?

(Various sources Kompas and stories of friends over there /Image Rizal Arnex and Rachmat Wijaya)


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