Lengkuas Island... and the 'Lighthouse' still on!

Sunny morning on the beach at about 07.00 am on the beach of Belitung? Where is the interesting places to go? An island that often talk about everyday by the fishermen there, Lengkuas Island in the northern village of Tanjung Binga. Fishermen around the islands of Bangka-Belitung always catch fish at night, but they liked when passing the island.

Yes, a small island about the size of one acre in District Sijuk, Belitung regency with crystal clear sea water and not too deep, so that the eye could penetrate and see the beauty beneath the sea water that surrounds this small island, "We wanted to stop by there, someday!" said the fishermen when they passed the night. Why?

This island has a lighthouse tower with a height of approximately 10-12 storey buildings a hundred years old built in 1882 by the Dutch government at that time. The lighthouse was always accompany the fishermen at night with a light swirling in all directions 360 degrees. They liked the lighthouse lamp because it can be used as a guide in the night full of stars.

Not hard to reach the island only by renting a boat from Tanjung Kelayang approximately 30-45 minutes long trips at a cost of approximately Rp 500,000, - (58 USD). Apart from Tanjung Kelayang this small island can also be achieved through other beach in Tanjung Binga and Tanjung Tinggi. Not too difficult considering the island is very popular in the fishermen community there, they say please do not visit at the end of the year, because the waves are very unfriendly.

Travel by boat to the island is also a special experience, on either side of a boat hull, we can see the sea garden under the crystal clear sea water, coral reefs in some places add the charm of the nature under the sea, small islands with rocks around it, some tourists seen swimming on the beach, some activities snorkeling or diving around the island.

Arriving on the island immediately feel the fresh air by the beach in the morning, the wind blows slowly, immediately walked towards the lighthouse and enjoy the view from the top, beautiful! By noon provided some local food, spicy grilled fish typical of Bengkulu, drinking fresh coconut water, Humm...

Fascinating virgin island, white sand, shallow sea water, coral reefs, all charming. Beautiful beaches!

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(Various sources /Image CC)


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