Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bonnie Wright - Harry Potter's ‘Girl Friend’ in Belitung Island

Belitung Island (Billiton Island) seems now the arrival of a famous actress, Bonnie Wright who plays as Harry Potter’s girl friend, Ginny Weasley in the context of shooting on her latest film, The Philosophers. Of course she was not alone there, also Freddi Stroma who plays as McLaggen Cormac in the Harry Potter’s film.

The Philosophers film is about the story of an international school in Jakarta. Once, it emerged that there will be a terrifying nuclear disaster, which students must compete to enter the bunker. A lot of tense scenes when the students face the challenges posed by the teacher, in order to gain a place in the barracks for protection.

The exciting film because it presents the conflict involving the cast of the film, and those whose role among others, James D'Arcy, Daryl Sabara and an Indonesian artist, Cinta Laura, directed by John Huddles.
Bonnie Wright will be a week in Belitung islands until August 2, 2011, shooting many scenes take place on the Lengkuas Island, a small island with the light in the night time.

In addition to the Belitung islands, the set also performed in a temple in Central Java region.

Imagining locations in Belitung islands alone was to be expected, will attract a lot of pictures of tourist sites on the Lengkuas Island, the island with the lighthouse tower as high as approximately 10-12 floor terraced buildings, built by the Dutch government in 1882.

Lighthouse tower is always gives sentimental impression for the fishermen who through this island at night with the stars above the sky, it became a guide path with the rotating light in all directions, 360 degrees. Beautiful scenery...

Lengkuas Island is a romantic island situated in District Sijuk, Belitung regency, a small island on the east coast surrounded by shallow seas and crystal clear sea water, soft white sand and warm on the feet. Fishermen love the island and of course for the tourists who visits.

(Various sources /Image CC, Deddy Suwanda and Antonius Yuniarko)

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