Still want to Tidung Island? Here is the Travel Tips!

The ocean view stretches everywhere, white sand and transparent blue sea. Fishermen lifted anchor to the open sea, so interesting! Beautiful island as a family tourist destination. Bali is so far and need more preparation time to be able to visit, more better this island, beautiful that inside the region of Kepulauan Seribu (Thousands Island), great!

Cost required to get there is not too expensive, so it can be a cheap alternative tourism. If you have been decided to this island, perhaps the following travel tips to consider in order to enjoy the beauty of the Tidung Island.

Some important things to note, for example transport to reach the island, food and specific culinary, a convenient time to visit, its attractions. That's the first thing to be prepared!

1. Transportation (from Jakarta)
- Marina Ancol beach boat motor "Kerapu" Rp 32.000, - (U.S. $ 3.7) morning before 09.00 am (2 hour drive). Back to Jakarta at around 4:00 pm. Ask the officer certainty hour, so as not to lag!
- Port of Muara Angke ride motorized wooden boats, Rp 33.000, - (U.S. $ 3.8) morning before 06.00 am. Back to Jakarta at 02:00 am noon.
- During the trip the waves would hit the ship, hard to shake the boat, provide a drugs medicine! You will be surprised by a blast wave entering the vessel and on passenger ships!

2. Food
- Lots of options around the Bridge of Love in the Big Island Tidung, rows of culinary tour since the morning.
- Various kinds of seafood, from grilled fish, grilled shrimp, kerapu fish and others are available in a variety of menus and spicy flavor.
- Ciremai Candied fruit snacks that exist in certain seasons, sweet sour just around September.

3. Best Time to Visit
- Mid-year, but some suggestions from residents and fishermen is around April to October.
- Weather in those months is very good without west monsoon which has always feared the fishermen, is the best time to visit. Tend to be sunny weather in these months.

4. Travel Equipment Rental
- Contact the innkeeper (hostel) for snorkeling and diving equipment.
- Tubes and wetsuit rental of about Rp 300.000, - (US $ 34.8)
- Equipment rental snorkel around Rp 35.000, - (US $ 4.1)
- Rent a boat around Rp 300.000, - (US $ 34.8) max. 10 people.
- Banana Boat rental is only Rp 30.000,- (US $ 3.5) per person.

5. Lodging (managed by local residents)
- Homestay, some equipped with air conditioning, TV and own bathroom inside the room Rp 300.000, - Rp 400.000, - (US $ 34.8 – 46.4)per night per room max. 4-8 people (Must be booked since away today at the travel agency)
- House residents, the price according to agreement about Rp 150.000, - Rp 200.000, - (US $ 17.4 -23.2) per night without air conditioning.

6. Local Vehicle
- Use a bicycle to get around the island rent Rp 15.000, - (US $ 1.7)
- Motorized rickshaw around the island of Rp 5,000, - (US $ 0.6)
- If you have a folding bike/ portable take it from Jakarta.

7. Another thing to note
- Always remember where you stay, because tourists often get lost on this island. (Try to identify at least one local resident, so he became a guide to ask questions or when asking who you are staying at)
- Prepare enough cash. There's no ATM! Hahaa...
- Internet facilities on the island is very nice. Do not worry you'll be happy to surf there! Cool...
- Variety snacks available. Candied seaweed, Ciremai candied fruit, breadfruit chips and salted squid.
- Simple souvenirs crafts of local residents.

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