One day at Mangga Dua Jakarta, the market that everything Happens!

A tourist just arrived at the airport and wanted immediately delivered to the Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Why would he want to be delivered there? What was he looking for? Surely someone in his country gave him a suggestion of looking for something unique and will not be found elsewhere. Thus the story of a taxi driver one day.

Where is the market of Mangga Dua? The market is located next to the old town area of Jakarta, Batavia, towards through the traffic jam of Jalan Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Gajah Mada. Be prepared to be patient when you are in this region.

In the past this market fulfill the needs of the urban people of the old town, as Glodok shopping center adjacent to this market. In terms of age this market clearly can not be compared with the Glodok shopping center a much older age, starting from the little people market and grow into a major shopping center area in Southeast Asia.

Almost all of the needs of urbans available there starting from morning time at 09.00 am until 09.00 pm, some parts of this market during peak hours so dense and we will be hard to walk in between the sidelines of the mall space. The tourist would have heard some stories from his friends, when in Jakarta take the time to buy some special souvenirs. Diverse range of goods available there, ranging from grocery items, electronics products, daily necessities, souvenirs, textiles with world-class brands, though not guaranteed authenticity. Haha... But it can cure homesickness if you want to have branded goods. The price is negotiable and relatively inexpensive.

The merchants offering the goods in front of row of shops, choose carefully. If lucky to get cheap stuff, why buy an expensive, right? Principle inherent in all the tourists mind. But do not be surprised, Mangga Dua shopping centre not only for common ordinary visitors, even in daily to weekend this market is always crowded with visitors including tourists from various nations. Various kinds of goods sold from the simple and inexpensive to the exclusive price. Prepare your wallet!

This market can no longer be regarded as a traditional market, because it has turned into a huge shopping complex. Although a large shopping center most of the stuff is not well laid out, so it looks less tidy, and also we can see the semipermanent shop space, even stalls at the roadside food vendors on the outside of the main building.

Want to find various souvenirs? Well, it's here! Ornate carvings of traditional Indonesian and local art, the variety of adult clothes, children, women, home decoration, a variety model of Chinese dishes with a panoramic view, jewelry boxes, Parahyangan hats, booze, paintings, ancient books, variety goods of antique and local souvenir is available there.

Do not forget, smart bargain. If you do not speak the local, do not worry the seller can speak English, although only limited they can mention price, do not hesitate to ask half price. It's okay right? The important thing is the heart glad.

Tourists should be prepared to enjoy the typical clutter of traditional markets, even though the building has a modern shopping complex, just enjoy. When traveling from one floor to the following, a variety of cuisine to choose from, really nice variety of Indonesia and Chinese culinary there. Also if you want franchise food available Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's and others.

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