Obama in Bali, November This Year

Still remembered during the visit of President Obama to Jakarta a year ago, on the second day of 10 November 2010 he was present at the Campus Hall of University of Indonesia, Jakarta, the mood in the room at first was so formal and the presence of security officers in various corners of the campus, thereby adding to the tension there.

Approximately 8000 attendees in the room prepare for the listening public lecture from Obama, when he stepped into the pulpit, he greets the audience, remained quiet and looked a formal welcome, but the next sentence, "Pulang kampung nich...” (“Back home again, this time...") in the Indonesian language fluently using the local dialect Betawi (local residents of Jakarta), suddenly formal and tense atmosphere in the room melted, the audience immediately 'rumble' and laughed out loud, hahaha... :D

(People already knew when he spent part of his childhood with his mother in the late 1960s in Jakarta, so it is understandable if he is speak Indonesian or Betawi).

The opening sentence that is remembered in Indonesia related to the visit of President Obama at the time, he is a leader of a big country that has the extraordinary ability, the fact before us is his prowess in political communication, a leader capable of articulating his thoughts in an easily understood, is capable of the familiar approaching, have a sense of humor and use terms that people immediately captivating listeners are present in his speeches that are riveting.

Obama planned to come back in Indonesia, especially Bali, despite his own deal with domestic issues in his country today, on 19 November 2011.

Obama's presence in Bali will bring charm to the event the East Asia Summit 2011 consisting of 18 countries, who also planned to attend President Hu Jintao of China.

Bali will be delighted to welcome the leaders of East Asian countries along with leaders from the United States and Russia.

Bali itself is undoubtedly a popular tourism destination in the world, due to known long before Indonesia, Bali's first name brought a magnet for many world travelers who know the uniqueness of nature, customs and cultural characteristics.

Bali is actually just a province in Indonesia, but the number of tourists visiting from abroad to bring a joke about Bali is known as the Australian Province, because of the many tourists from various countries are seen in various corners of the island of Bali.

Indonesia certainly pleased with Obama's presence, because it has a direct impact on travel passion in Indonesia, especially Bali and will certainly get much coverage in the media.

Indonesia as a tourist destination has potential in many other provinces, with landscapes, beaches, a variety of unique and rare biodiversity, as can be found on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Lombok or Halmahera and Papua which is a virgin tourist area with many unique customs and culture .

Many world figures who have visited Bali both head of state, business leaders, celebrities and others, the latter is Richard Gere's visit in July.

Local government of Bali itself has been prepared, "Many positive impact brought about by the arrival of Obama, such as Julia Roberts' to Ubud which give direct effect to the whole world," said Tjokorda Raka Kerthyasa a figure at Puri Ubud.

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(Various sources Kompas /Image CC)


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