Candra Naya House, the buildings that feel 'lonely'

An old 18th century building in a location around the old city Jakarta, Batavia. Candra Naya House is a heritage building that is protected by a local government established by the Governor of Jakarta, Ali Sadikin in 1972.

The building is not occupied, empty, but still standing amid manicured buildings, others around it planned to be the commercial buildings, such as hotels and apartments. China's ancient building architecture grandest and most luxurious in those days followed by a long history.

The building is located not far from the end of the street of West Molenvliet on the north Weltevreden, now street of Gajah Mada Jakarta. The building was built in the late 18th century by Chinese merchant surnamed family Khouw, is a respectable family in Batavia.

One of his descendants, Khouw Kim An active in organisation at the institute of the Chinese representative to the city government of Batavia, China Council. In 1908 he was promoted title as Lieutenant, but due to its impressive achievements in 1910 he was given the title of Major and became Chairman of the Board of China until 1917, then in 1927 until the Japanese occupation, Khouw Kim An again honored to be a Chinese Major, and Khouw Kim An was the last Major Chinese in Batavia. Apart from being chairman of the China Council, Khouw Kim An also active in the Volksraad of the years 1921 to 1931.

Khouw Kim An lived in this building around 1936 at 185 West Street Molenvliet. He died in 1946, and by his family house was donated to social organizations and the education of the Chinese nation is known by the name of Sin Ming Hui ('New Light') and Khouw family heritage building was later named Chandra Naya House.

The long history of this building, among others, the building was once used as shelters of Chinese Benteng people as an escape from Tangerang, West Java during the social unrest there, also serves as building schools and health clinics locals who later became the beginning of the tangible RS “Sumber Waras” Jakarta. As a school building with Chandra Naya Institute of Photography where their alumni spread to many countries, even as the former foundation office of Tarumanagara University.

Provincial Government of Jakarta still protecting these buildings, although on either side of the building are allowed to set up the commercial by taking into consideration the existence of buildings as decorative elements in the middle area of the main entrance/lobby.

The building is increasingly seen so little in the middle of tall buildings around it, it becomes lonely. Hopefully people of ancient buildings lovers do not forget their existence.

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(Source aunt Prima Widi Hatmi and Historical Sites of Jakarta - Adolf Heuken /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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