Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race 2011, waves will be back riveting!

A suspenseful journey in the vast sea, "Two days after sailing from Darwin, the storm broke the mast. We get to Ambon after assisted seven sailboats rally participants," said Ralph, captain of Saltotu, sailing ships from Australia.

A story of the experience of an event participant Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race a year ago, a trip at sea was so excited, big waves hit the sailboat participants departing from the port of Darwin, Australia. Sailboat race that is always remembered the participants, the sea about 600 mile between Darwin-Ambon so ferocious hit them!

Weather was so cruel in the ocean, although participants are very enthusiastic to come back to participate in this event sailboat race that will be released from Port Darwin, North Australia, July 23 and the (expected) will finish in the coastal village of Amahusu, Nusaniwe, Ambon, July 25.

They have no worry about the rigors of lacing waves and ocean waves, instead it brings passion, waves of air coming off the ocean's roll, the ships proceeded to proudly display. Approximately 19 yachts from various countries participated in the rally yachts Darwin Ambon Yacht Race 2011 and seven yachts that ensures participating in Sail Maluku 2011 event held at adjacent.

"The number of participants confirmed increases, some five days ago they said it would soon enter the application data to the organizers," said Hellen Sarita de Lima, Chief Organizer International Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race and Sail Maluku Monday.

Some of the participants had been enrolled namely, Australian Maid, with skipper John Wardill, Breakaway (Alan Chalk), Event Karma (John Hardy), Freedom Express (Ross McCombe), Game Set (John Mulkearns), Pandora (Rick Setter), Raucous (Bob Colman), Scot Free II (Barrie Morgan).

Shady Lady with skipper Peter Charles), Solace III (Roger Hatten), Xscape (Andrew Boller), Fantasia (Andrew Stransky), Wicked (Danny Foley), Lady Bubbly (Chris Mitchell), Parlay (Ray Jones) and Maralinga (John Jordan ).

Yacht race is known to be very prestigious in the world because this event has always received wide media coverage, this event was originally initiated by a yacht club in Darwin the Cruising Yacht Association of the Northern Territory Incorporated (CYANT) in 1976.

Of course, the struggle of the crew that must defeat the cruel waves of the ocean would be rewarded, perfect gift, "Participants who finished first in the coastal village of Amahusu will receive the award "line honors", patrons prize (the first sailboat to pass the start line), and rally division prize for a sailboat that just follow the rally," said Hellen de Lima.

If so, let's face the waves!


Yacht Race Record:
1. Most participants in 1998, more than 100 yachts.
2. In 1999, race the race was stopped due to social conflict in Maluku.
3. Competition reinstated in 2007
4. Record for the fastest ever achieved Zuma sailboat with skipper John Punch in 1998 with a record time of 53 hours 29 minutes and 50 seconds.
5. Competition in 2010
a. Cruise Missile champion sailboat from Australia with skipper Wayne Huxley to category multihull division, with a record time of 53 hours 56 minutes
b. The first category champion monohull sailboat division achieved Chacone (Finland) with skipper Emil Svante Siggberg and 64 hours record time of 18 seconds.
c. Race 2010 including the most widely followed participants, 46 sailboats
d. Only 39 yachts that made it into the Banda and Ambon, while two other sailing ships directly to Ambon.
e. Five other ships off the screen to Ambon to Banda or being unable to face the bad weather, so they sailed to Kupang.

(Various sources / Image CC)


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