Kaimana Salak tastes sweet at all and not to be forgotten

Hearing the name of Kaimana immediately brought to mind a song in the first, "Twilight in Kaimana". The beautiful song and fascinating sound on the ear, but when talking Kaimana not just talking about an area in West Papua. Kaimana have fruits that taste very sweet, similar taste to Salak Bali.

For residents of Kaimana District, salak fruit became one of top fruit seed and people who come to this area always brings salak as typical souvenirs of this district. Salak is taken as souvenirs usually have been packed neatly in a white cardboard box that can accommodate about 4 kg of salak, Rp 50.000,- (5.8 USD) per box.

The fruit is actually not a native fruit of the land of Papua, about 20 years ago was taken by a school teacher from Enrekang, Duri, South Sulawesi. Then from his home garden spreads to various places, to neighbors and local residents of Kaimana. Now the number of salak tree so much and when it will seem abundant fruiting season.

Salak Kaimana plant population did not appear to have the ability to distribute to other regions in Indonesia, they only sell to the passengers on planes and ships so that when the salak season arrives, salak becomes so much and do not be surprised if we see the rot fruits everywhere.

Who does not know the beauty of nature in Kaimana, so that until the song was created for it, Kaimana is beautiful but many do not know, look at the Triton Coast stunning at sunset. Describing Papua nature of the original and has not been much affected progress of the age.

Kaimana town located in West Papua with nautical attraction Triton Bay, approximately one hour from the town of Kaimana, stunning natural scenery with mountains looks like a whale shaped. Mystery of Namatota Island sacredness, whales and dolphins swim in groups and diversity of reef fish and coral rock in the depths of the sea, will not be found elsewhere.

Kaimana beauty of the area should be a passion for local government intensified the population has become proactive to introduce the uniqueness of the region, Kaimana fruits can be an attraction for tourists who want to adventure there.

Salak Kaimana is so sweet not to be forgotten behind the beauty of the Gulf coast of Triton.

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(Source Kompas and friends /Image CC)


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