5000 Sheep Passing Through Madrid

The story of the uniqueness of Spain was never stopped, after a village that was given painted in blue in the course of making of “The Smurfs" The Movie in Juzcar Village in Spain, which is very popular among tourists when visiting this village.

Then a little walkway to cross the between the falls at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls, to provide for the transport of materials, and for the inspection and maintenance of the channel, then known as El Caminito del Rey.

Interesting news from Spain, on Sunday, October 30, 2011, when the shepherds herding their thousands sheep into the streets in downtown of Madrid, in the past is called transhumance movements involving around one million animals, mainly sheep and cattle.

Transhumance is an ancient tradition in which a shepherd's head pay 25 Maravedis, coins were first printed in the 11th century, to be able to use the pedestrian path through the city using the grazing rights to the existing route before Madrid's grown from a rural hamlet to a town highway as it is today. While the Shepherds Lamb Board has been formed since the year 1273.

The leader board of Spanish shepherd, Jesus Garzon, says the herders have the right to use the path along the 125,000 miles for seasonal migration from highland pastures in summer to winter grazing in the warmer areas in winter.

The town development of the Madrid is currently making the city split in two by the presence of Puerta del Sol, the town square in Madrid, making some lines that have been used since 800 years ago was blocked since 1372, making travel routes are in the middle of two north-south routes.

The Spanish shepherds want the rights, migration and herding sheep that threatened by the expansion of settlements and man-made borders does not make cessation the traffic when they crossed grazing paths in the fall.

The sheep crossing is certainly the became an attractive spectacle for tourists when visiting Spain, especially if the schedule regularly at certain seasons of the year.Very interesting!

(Source Telegraph.co.uk /Images Hannah)


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