Watching Great Harvest Tuna Fish in Jimbaran Bali

The beauty of Bali may no longer need to be debated for tourists when visiting Indonesia, charming and always invite a desire to come back to this island, when whe already knows the charm of this island of gods.

Bali offers not only the beauty of culture, art and nature mainland only, but it turns out there are other advantages that can be enjoyed by the tourists, the island has a wealth of the sea surrounding with a lot sea fish harvest there.

Travelers coming into a dock where the fish auction in the region of Kedonganan Coast, South Kuta, Jimbaran, Bali on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 yesterday morning. An atmosphere that is not usually see in the dock that day.

The tourists were amazed to see the agility of fishermen and 'panol' (group of unskilled laborers who worked down and hoisted the fish catch of fishermen to the weighing of the fish according to the local terms language) when the yellow finned tuna fish derived from fishing vessels..

Fishermen are very happy while returning to the coast accompanied by the sound of crashing waves, sea breeze blowing gently in the morning with the traditional fishing activities of the new boat arrived at the beach after being at sea all night.

They joked merrily with the panol cooperate moving the big tuna fish, a big tuna fish must carried by two people.

Singing out louds in the morning when the sun began to light colored, bringing the big fish to the weighing place to be sold to a reservoir (collectors) of fish and then taken to the port of Tanjung Benoa.

Most fish have been ordered by various countries, like Japan and countries around Asia.

Tourists are increasingly eager to see activity in the traditional Balinese fishing Kedonganan Coast region, especially when harvest season comes to hundreds of quintals of fish, fishermen happy, all happy and tourists also feel the excitement of the atmosphere at the beach. Na.. na.. na.. naaa......

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(Various sources Kompas, Tribunnews, BaliNews /Images CC)


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