Let’s Spend The Night Together in “Space Hotel”.. Destinations Outer Space!

Perhaps we still remember a book of Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, which tells how the human effort to make space vehicles - Columbiad space gun, carrying a human and then launch it to the moon, Verne tried to calculate the requirements, equipment and devices that may bring man into space.

Likewise, some stories as well as other films, and a phenomenal work of director Stanley Kubrick's 2001: Space Odyssey with all the effort clearly illustrates how ordinary people (not an astronaut, of course!) can travel into space, is it possible?

Apparently in the next few years it has become possible, space traveling, even if only for the very thick pocket people, because the cost reaches $ 942,000 for cost with details $ 785,000 for plane vv and $ 157,000, to stay at the space hotel for five days.

Energia, a Russian government-owned company in collaboration with Orbital Technologies, the Moskwa-based company plans to build hotels in space, as quoted from FoxNews, August 17, 2011, Sergei Kostenko, CEO of Orbital Technologies, "Our planned module inside will not remind you of the International Space Station (ISS), the planned station would be a comfortable hotel in orbit, designed specifically for tourists."

Tours are definitely unique and unforgettable, this is not advertising! Haha... Watching the Earth photographed from the ISS astronauts, the Earth is round and blue, to the spectacular different sunrise.

Rooms available that can be selected as desired, vertical or horizontal, great isn’t it? Sleep vertically? The use of water is effectively designed, flush toilets use air to remove dirt, the air will be filtered before entering the cabin.

What about the culinary in outer space, of course, special culinary menu package (had previously cooked in the Earth and reheated by microwave before serving), such as boiled beef cheeks served with mushrooms, mashed white beans, and candied plums.

Well, when actually it can be enjoyed? According to FoxNews the hotel space soon in 2016 and please come true travel to get there.

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(Sources Kompas, FoxNews, Reuters /Images CC)


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