Enjoying Smoke milkfish without spine... It feels great!

In this country people have always loved fish, especially milkfish, but this fish has a hundreds delicate spines. Although even tastes good with a risk of choking thorns. In almost every beach settlement in Indonesia found the ponds or milkfish ponds.

There’s a small town in the eastern of Surabaya, the city of Sidoarjo known as the shrimp-producing town, this city was also known for its milkfish products.

Fish community fans should certainly be alert to the milkfish spines, a variety of ways to avoid the spines of fish. Milkfish processed into presto (soft bones), fried, baked, tamarind mix-made and abon shredded.

These last years some local residents of Sidoarjo began looking for such ways to eat milkfish without spines, all bones including milkfish smooth spines was revoked.

"How can people eat fish with his trademark sense without impaired swallowing thorns?" said a local resident in the city.

Peoples really creative enough to be able to enjoy this popular fish as a complement to the daily menu. To overcome the problem of thorns, many ways to do. For example, by presto or smoked fish, but whether the original flavor is still pronounced?

Now people make the production of fish as a business to earn an income, "We could tell from their supple flesh of fish when we hold," said Totok, a small fish businessman.

One way to reduce the spines of fish by curing, a milkfish cleaned prickly when it was still raw. Then smoked or oven with a fire of wood charcoal. After the skin appear yellowish brown, a sign is ripe. In such a case is ready to eat.

Smoked milkfish products is still very limited, hard to find, in contrast to milkfish presto are very easy to find in some cities of Indonesia.

Smoked milkfish without thorns is more enjoyable, no longer the rancid smell, texture of the meat is coarse and chewy. Of course, to enjoy it with soy sauce mixed with petis spice, it will taste very good. Hummm...

(Various sources /Images Dedeng Suryana and Prima Widi Hatmi)


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