Hurricane Irene and The Change Flight Routes

It was the news that gives a sense of worry for residents of the United States today, especially in the eastern shores of America, they must be ready at all times to the possibility evacuated from their homes.

Hurricane Irene is also expected to cross the Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey, also calculated to pass through New York City, and New England. Approximately 300,000 people living in flood prone areas in the city of New York experienced the unprecedented has been ordered to evacuate and closing of subway service.

Evacuation orders to be delivered directly by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Saturday night after seeing the possibility of a storm that is predicted to be exacerbated by high rainfall, so in some areas feared could trigger a catastrophic flood, such as Battery Park City complex area on the southern end of Manhattan; Coney Island, famed for its boardwalk and amusement park; the beachfront community of the Rockaways and other neighbourhoods around the city.

Bloomberg expect the population to obey the evacuation orders, "I would think that the vast bulk will comply," as quoted from NZHerald.

"Unfortunately, there's a handful who will not comply until it's too late. And at that point in time, you can really get stuck," he added.

Hurricane Irene is expected to hit the east coast of America on Saturday, August 27, 2011, the population has taken away anything that can be thrown through the window, ensure safety equipment to prepare a backup of water and a flashlight.

Reported by AP news agency, the U.S. government authorities have warned residents in the islands at the edge of the Atlantic, such as Long Beach, Lido Beach and Point Lookout in order each time to get ready and alert, airlines began canceling flights, massive transit system in New York will begin to be closed on Saturday noon. It was a rare action that could disrupt transport during rush hour on Monday, due to the emergence of hurricane Irene.

Since Friday, August, 26, the management of authorities of the New York airports immediately shut down the airport operational activity since Saturday afternoon, 11:00 pm for all landing aircraft in anticipation of the hurricane Irene to LaGuardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Newark International Airport, as reported by airport management airport in New York and New Jersey.

Several flights were changed routes and have been offered to passengers to change the schedule for free to avoid the storm Irene trajectory, passengers will be essential to planning a vacation trip to a destination cities and advanced flight to the cities on the east coast.

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