Spa relaxation in the Karma Kandara Ayana

The sound of rustling leaves of trees in the courtyard lush resort of Karma Kandara Ayana Jimbaran, Bali, making the body comfort, perfect relaxation. Parks around Bali nuanced with frangipani and merajan flower or place of Bali’s Hindu worship complete the atmosphere.

21st century modern facilities combined with the Bali villas building architecture with thatched roof, typical of Balinese architecture, enjoy the Balinese tapas with a sense of seasoning and spices while accompanied by a dish of Balinese music and dance, culinary abroad, for example, a typical Spanish snacks, such as calamares or crispy calamari, patatas bravas and the papas arrugadas.

After move around the resort, climb a mountain bike, go rafting or fishing is not wrong if the body wanted to be pampered, relaxation in the Karma Spa.

Available freshness and health room served by experienced reflection therapists, china and reiki treatments with ingredients of 100 percent organic, massage with coconut oil, body scrub with chocolate, coffee, or coconut, as well as Balinese and Japanese bathing ritual. Oxygen Infusion Facial that supposedly make the face more shine even more favored by celebrities and foreign tourists.

Spa industry (a term derived from salus per aquam - health through water) in Indonesia became one of the excellent offerings for tourists when visiting tourist sites, especially Bali. It can be seen from the growth of the Indonesia spa industry ranks third fastest and largest in Asia, after China and India.

Apparently Indonesia tourism could not be separated from the spa tourism enthusiasts and to be one of the attractions for foreign tourists, given the spa treatment activities are not a luxury anymore, but it has become a lifestyle and health needs.

Indonesian spa has the specific characteristic that comes from a traditional plant archipelago and massaging technique which is a ritual of cultural heritage from generation to generation. It is not likely to be felt in other countries than in Indonesia.

Bali is one of the center of the spa industry in Indonesia besides Jakarta and Bandung, it is estimated there are 800 spas, including those inherent in hotels. Try walking around the business district of Sunset Road, Bali in the afternoon, various spas available, Spa Avenue, Reborn, Cozy, A Spa and Lulur Bali Tangi.

Not to mention along the street of By Pass Ngurah Rai, rows of the spa, Lavender Spa, Coco de Heaven, Abiansmara, Chinese Dragon, Simpang Siur and others who may also be found around Ubud. Karma Spa is only one of them located in the resort Karma Kandara Ayana, exclusive with special cosmetic products, such as La Mer (Belgium) and the Thermes Marins (France).

Relaxation is promising freshness of the body, relieve fatigue, loosening the tension of the body and soothe the soul. Then let’s go, spa... spa...

(Various sources /Image CC)


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