The natural feel patterns of 'Bali Endek' crafts

The potential diversity according to the people of Bali looks from their Balinese art behavior, ranging expertise related to religious life and in their everyday life in various forms, such as the beauty of the temples or monasteries, sculptures, paintings, textiles, culinary, natural wealth as though all derived from heaven.

In addition to the above, people of Bali also have expertise related to the craft, known as Bali endek ikat woven fabric and embroidery. Endek ikat is a cultural product that was originally only used by parents and among the nobility, but now most of the Balinese people can wear them.

Often found on big ceremonies and prayers to the temple, where endek ikat still using traditional patterns and designs, some of which are used during religious ceremonies around the Pura (temple in Bali language), so some type of endek ikat and certain patterns are considered sacred and should not be treated carelessly.

In contrast to the motives for religious ceremonies endek ikat that more use of patra and encak saji patterns that is sacred, endek ikat used in social community activities generally with the natural feel patterns.

This is where the creativity of the endek craftsmen has indirectly led endek as the identity of the local culture of excellence, harmonization of an endek crafters life inspire in the creation of more attractive designs.

Endek crafts and embroidery, many centered around the area of Gianyar, Klungkung and Karangasem, but after the local government of Bali sees the potential market demand for the unique needs of this traditional cultural products, the craftsmen of this ikat woven fabric has reached the city of Denpasar, because the opportunity to obtain access to the buyers as well as various promotions trade, such as exhibitions, fashion shows, design competitions and manufacture of the loom and others.

Bali is a place where all the arts and creativity were met with a wealth of unique local culture, and endek crafts and embroidery immediately appear to compete with batik cloth products that had already been known to the world. Great!

(Various sources /Images CC)


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