Beyoncé Knowles and the Cultural Traveling

Being a famous person does have its own consequences, when their names soared in the entertainment world and followed by a sprinkling of money, usually a celebrity experiencing psychological problems.

Examples of famous people suffered and it was exhausting for them, is contrary to the reality seen on stage. In a review of psychology it is considered something that occurs naturally in famous people, made a celebrity out of control behavior. The fame and the presence of fans as never cease to worship them, they arrived on the condition that no longer as initially anticipated.

More life wallowing in luxury and no longer have the opportunity to live in a private as a normal people in commons.

It also seems to interfere with the famous singer of "Best Thing I Never Had", Beyoncé Knowles, born in Houston, September 4, 1981 also known as Beyoncé revealed that she had to take a break from musical activities because of fear for her sanity.

In order to avoid the pressure which she endured while undergoing rest and chose the tourism cultural travel.

"I like having geographically disoriented, what day or in the city where I was," she said.

Beyoncé trips categorized as cultural tourism activities while avoiding busy trip to the attractions, such as walking to the museum, watching a ballet or a trip to the Great Wall of China.

She hopes her journey will not just enjoy it, but the interaction between itself holistically with cultural objects and cultural attractions to attend at the places visited. Beyoncé Knowles is very aware of her all this time like never stopped running, such as moving, but it felt like being in her own world.

Career remains something important to her, she wanted to hang in there, but paused also still needed.

(Various sources Kompas, /Image CC)


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