Sunday in 'Dolcenero Café' Montevarchi

That day in a café in the town of Montevarchi, Italy looks quite crowded with visitors, such activity was considered normal by the owner of the café. They are enthusiastic about serving the guests, as well as the servants who must move quickly to meet guest demand.

A fun day to relax, but not so for the servants, as experienced by Francesca Ariani, a 27-year-old waitress who moved from one guests table to another table.

As she moves to one side of the room, a customer at a table wearing a blue shirt and blue pants, looking like a tourist in general ordered two cappuccino and a glass of espresso, then a blue-shirted guest also added to delivered orders outside to the terrace of the Dolcenero bar.

She was so busy and immediately rejected the request, "You have to take them out yourself, because I am far behind the bar."

The blue-shirted guest were surprised, when he received the rejection from the waitress. The guest did not expect this response, it was the big crowd at the Sunday, can be understood later.

All can happen and that day, Sunday, July 31, 2011 does not belong to the waitress, Francesca Ariani, not every day she has a chance to meet with that guest, the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron and his wife and aides.

Sunday is his first day at the beginning of a two-week vacation in the Tuscan, Italy and stay at Villa Petrolio, located on a hill surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and forests, after flying from City Airport, east London on Saturday, to Florence. No one knows that the day he was a guest at the Dolcenero Café.

Francesca Ariani very ashamed after knowing who the guests that day, "Then I was told who they were, and now I really embarrassed," said Francesca.

(Various sources Kompas, /Image CC)


  1. In other words, that's the kind of service that you get in Italy. It wouldn't be Cameron, this would have never reached the news.

  2. Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it...
    Of course, I always see the positive side of all, what the waitress over there can understand... The atmosphere of the Café was so crowded, so she was very busy, it is understandable..


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