Raja Ampat not just for the Diver

The assumption when referring to the tourist area and marine conservation Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua which consists of hundreds of islands, just for diving, of course this can be justified, because that's where a paradise for divers with a large number of fascinating natural dives underwater spot.

Are those who do not master diving then should not there? Of course not, and do not hesitate too when you see the costs must be paid. There is also a homestay with a cheap and affordable prices as well as services with a guide who knows where the location of the dive spot for beginners.

In the environment of this region we can enjoy the natural contour of the stretching, take a look at the walls of the exotic reefs in several bays, as well as the Kabui Bay and Islands of Wayag with white sand everywhere. Several other islands scattered green and pointy rocks, mysterious small caves with the stalagnit and beautiful corals.

Experience that can be enjoyed by tourist attractions such as around the crystal clear water of Kabui Bay, watching the local fishermen village, bustle around the small dock when they catch the various sizes of fish are lurking underneath.

They really understand the natural surroundings that give life, so they prefer fishing and catch some fish, only a few tail suit the needs of a single day and several species of ornamental fish or small fish are immediately returned to the sea. Residents around the coast are so passionate about living their life as a fisherman.

Another attractions can be found there, such as feeding colorful fish, blue, yellow, green, and red in the dock of Dampir Strait coast, clear water of the sea so that the rocks and the colorful fish seen without using binoculars simply by eye, the fish do not seem afraid to meet people, nature protect each other. Communities around the area inhabited Dampir Strait indigenous Papuans are maintaining the survival of fish, rocks and natural surroundings.

It will not be completed if there is only a day tour with a speedboat or small ship, the natural beauty of the underwater area is really like a virgin compared to other tourist places are already known for this.

(Various sources /Images CC, Veronica Saver and Setiadi Darmawan)


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