Against All Odds: Mine Rescue in Chile - Exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History

If you are now in the United States, specifically in the city of Washington, D. C., I think this is the perfect time to visit a museum. Starting today on Friday, August 5, 2011 will be held the exhibition titled "Against All Odds: Mine Rescue in Chile".

Exhibition held at the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) managed by the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, United States and would be very nice to have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D. C., especially when there is an exhibition event that is so inspiring, like the story of the Chilean miners.

NMNH (founded in 1910) neoclassics architectural-style building designed by architects Hornblower & Marshall is located in the north side of the National Mall on Constitution Avenue as part of Washington DC development plans made by the McMillan Commission in 1901.

The story of the Chilean Miners is so global, so the management of the museum provides the time for the first anniversary of the collapse of the copper and gold mine, and will run for 10 months on August 5, 2010, also attended the four miners who survived, namely Mario Sepulveda, Jorge Galleguillos, Jose Henriquez and Carlos Barrios came to Washington on Wednesday to officially opened the exhibition.

A total of 33 miners like to celebrate life in a giant tomb recesses, darkness caught and trapped for 69 days of uncertainty trough in copper and gold mine as deep as 700 meters in Copiapo, San Jose, Chile, last year.

International mass media reported the story of their rescue and spread the joy of the entire population of Chile, the world leaders spread a message full of praise by calling the miners and rescue teams as inspiring oasis.

"I was with my Lord and also with the devil. They fight, and God wins," said Mario Sepulveda, he had grabbed the hand of God and never doubted that he would be saved.

Inspiration typical Sepulveda kept reverberating in Chile, he introduces a requirement that is daring suffer.

NMNH held an exhibition featuring the success story of the rescue 33 miners of Chile, some goods and mining equipment also exhibited there, such as the small Bible belongs to Jose Henriquez who always read to all his friends when they are in pain inside the dark mine, then display the co-helmet of the miners, Sepulveda brought rock samples from the bottom of the mine, the capsule that carried them to the surface, drill used to dig a hole to save them, as well as a flag of Chile, signed by all 33 miners.

An exhibition that would be touching to anyone who may be present there at the museum in Washington, D. C., Cool...

How to reach the Museum? Here's some information:

General Information (Source NMNH website)

Admission to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is free and no tickets are required for entrance to the museum. National Museum of Natural History programs are also free unless otherwise noted.

For general Smithsonian Institution visitor information, including maps, transportation options, and other tips for visiting, please see: Smithsonian Visitor Information. For additional information, please call (202) 633-1000 or TTY (202) 357-1729.

Photography is allowed in all exhibitions except where otherwise indicated. The use of tripods is not permitted inside the museum unless permission is granted by the museum's Public Affairs Office. Tripods may be used on the museum's grounds.

Street Address
The Museum is located at the intersection of 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW in Washington, D.C. 20560

Public Transportation

Metrorail, Washington's subway system, and Metrobus link the city with nearby communities in Maryland and Virginia. Every subway station is equipped with an elevator and most with escalators. Metrorail is conveniently located near many Smithsonian museums. The closest Metro Station to the National Museum of Natural History is the Smithsonian Station (Mall exit) on the Blue and Orange line. For a Metrorail map and more information, visit the Metro Website:

DC Circulator Bus
To help navigate the largest museum complex in the world, the D.C. Circulator bus offers a quick and convenient service to Smithsonian museums. For more information on this inexpensive, hop-on/hop-off service, call (202) 962-1423 or visit the Website:

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