Ujung Kulon Peninsula, Nirvana for the Adventurous

Habitat of the endangered species one-horned rhino in the western most tip of Java Island, Ujung Kulon National Park is stunning for the nature adventure enthusiasts, it's all available there. Atmosphere sensation with dense forests, diverse plant and wildlife, beautiful beaches with waves, sea fish, small islands, surfing, diving, snorkeling and much more...

Ujung Kulon Peninsula with a secondary tropical rain forest environment filled with shrubs, various kinds of trees adorn the jungle, like giant tree Kiara Strangler (Ficus sp) that towering into the sky.

Travelers who love trekking in to the wild forest, do not be surprised when seeing a snake shoots with a triangular head, must be a venomous snake species, approximately 250 bird species inhabit this forest habitat. Prepare the physical and mental when through the woods.

Spend a time to visit the Handeuleum Island, deer and monkeys was waiting there, they seemed familiar with the visitors. The deer are so comfortable showing themselves to the tourists and eat the food provided.

Travel adventures in the woods can be done while canoeing along the River of Cigenter or Pamanggangan River and Cikabeumbeum River, the aura of the forest on the banks of the river and the gusts of wind accompanied. While for those who enjoyed the ocean, do not worry, no less exciting when you try the wave at the beach of the gulf coast of the Panaitan Island, surfing, diving and snorkeling while enjoying the beauty of coral reefs in marine parks and Peucang and Handeuleum Island. Fascinating!

How to reach there?

1. Confirm arrival to the Center Visit of Ujung Kulon National Park (Pusat Kunjungan Balai Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon), Perintis Kemerdekaan Street 51, Labuan - Phone 0253-804681 or 0253-801731.
2. Make sure by the telephone about the kinds of lodgings and places of interest.
3. Also ask to them about the tour guide and porter.
4. The cost of entrance fee of Rp 2.500 per person for the citizens of Indonesia and Rp 20.000 (2,35 USD) per person for foreigners as well as insurance costs Rp 3,000 (0,35 USD).
5. Entrance fee for the vessel varies between Rp 50.000 (5.87 USD) and Rp 100.000 (11,74 USD) per boat motor according to engine power.
6. Ask what personal equipment should be brought over there, like drugs, anti-mosquito lotion, jackets, raincoats and other personal items.
7. Do not forget in to wear long-sleeved shirts and knee-length boots to avoid scratches rattan thorns that grow in the forest.
8. Use thick socks to prevent the attachment of leeches in the leg, the tip pants is inserted into socks so as not to give open space entry of a leech or other small animals.
9. Note the instructions and restrictions while in the forest, such as the ban on carrying firearms, pets, seeds and chemicals.

1. Rent a car -
a. The route by road: Jakarta-Serang-Labuan as far as 120 miles, 4-5 hours.
b. Alternative route: Jakarta-Cilegon-Labuan as far as 140 miles, 5-6 hours.
c. Public transportation: buses and minibuses.
2. Quick Ship: From Carita Beach, capacity of 8 passengers, speed boats rental rate of Rp 3.5 million (410,8 USD) per day.
3. Speed boat, capacity about 25 people, leaving from the Taman Jaya Village. Rental rate is Rp 1.8 million (211,27 USD) per vessel per day.

Other Information
1. Peucang Island
a. Available lodging various types ranging from barracks class to resort class.
b. Electric lights only at 06.00pm - 06.00am.
c. Snorkeling, diving.
2. Tanjung Layar
a. Trekking Cibom - Tanjung Layar
b. Various marine fish, anemones and clown fish
3. The Western Point of Java Island
a. Rocks and Lighthouse
4. Bull grazing pasture Cidaon
a. Wild animals, peacock green, banteng (Bos javanicus), long-tailed macaque, wild boar and various species of birds.

Happy adventuring!
(Various sources Kompas /Image CC)


  1. Ujung Kulon is a paradise for wildlife

  2. Ujung Kulon is a paradise for wildlife

  3. Ujung Kulon is a paradise for wildlife


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