The quiet Jakarta in Celebrations of Independence Day

Jakarta looks different in celebrating Independence Day this year, the atmosphere around the town more impressed quiet and there is no meaningful activity, why?

Currently most of the townspeople are fasting for Ramadhan for the Moslem followers, of course, in such circumstances is difficult to see in excess of physical activity to welcome the country's independence.

Generally in the welcoming ceremony ahead of the August 17 Independence Day celebrations in almost every corner of the city and suburbs do various sports and entertainment events, such as betel-pole climbing, tug of war, eating crackers, sack race, racing clogs, marbles competitions and other variety of musical show, rock and dangdut, of course.

A view that is usually encountered before the Independence Day celebrations in the capital and throughout the region are the colorful decorations flags of red and white, very different this year, all looking tired and did not appear eager faces.

Some traders selling flags various shapes and sizes that are often seen in some places the crowd around the intersection of main roads has decreased interest in purchasing the flag, all suffered setbacks in earnings this year.

Independence Day was quiet different and make an impact as well as to many parties, especially the shopping centers and shops, and vendors of equipment related to the independence day celebration, such as a cloth merchant, seller of betel logs, the string for the tug of war games and others.

Police were seen only centralize control at some point, and particularly the State Palace, the House of Representatives, Kalibata Cemetery and Jakarta International Expo complex.

The main public capital transport vehicle Transjakarta city buses also experienced a diversion route starts at 05.00 am until 01.00 and 02:00 pm until 06:30 pm, while raising ceremonies and drop the flag on August 17 in the State Palace.

"Some of the paths along the State Palace will be closed temporarily," said Transjakarta Head Muhammad Akbar, Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

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(Sources The Jakarta Post, Kompas /Images CC)


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