The thrilling Minangkabau cow race, 'Pacu Jawi'!

After the harvest season arrives, farmers enjoy the excitement, all the hard work has given results, they consulted with Tetuo Pacu (senior villages) to discuss various issues related to the harvest celebration.

They agreed to celebrate the joy of the harvest by holding events Pacu Jawi (Pacu=race, Jawi =cow), a traditional event that has been going on since hundreds years ago, in the villages around Pariangan, Rambatan, Sungai Tarab, and the District of Limo Kaum, West Sumatra, this event usually takes place in May, June and July three times a year.

The villagers immediately rushed enliven the race with supporting events by held a dance with traditional musical instruments, the procession carrying trays, then the cows dressed suntiang and traditional custom clothing. All the villagers dancing, festive and lively!

A thrilling race when the jockey provided a means of "bajak pacu" (runway plow) made from old bamboo as a means rests when the race started (the equipment used to plow rice farmers) into the muddy fields, and the long-awaited moment arrived!

The jockey bite the cows tail, cows writhing and started to run, jockey continues to bite the cow, the harder the bite and the faster then the cows, mud flying in all directions. But not all jockeys can do that, only an expert jockey that will easily do this "gigiak ikua" cow attraction (tail bite cow attraction).

Competition is both entertaining and suspenseful, especially not all the cows want to run straight, turn, and even ran toward other fields. No one really be a winner. They laughed merrily!

Pacu Jawi was held purely as entertainment atmosphere so that the harvest brings joy in the village, become ‘anak nagari’ (local farmers) penchant agility test plow rice fields after the harvest developed into a traditional game and race pace and harmony riding a cow.

An exciting event not to be missed!

(Various sources /Images Antonius Yuniarko)


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