The Charm of the “Prambanan Temple” and the nuclear apocalyse “The Philosophers”

A film released in 2012, "The Philosophers" tells of a nuclear disaster, the film took an entire scene in Indonesia, such as Prambanan Temple, Mount Bromo area, the beautiful beaches of Belitung Islands and of course some locations in the capital city of Jakarta.

Nuclear apocalyse became the main topic of the story about 20 teenagers came from Turkey, Iran, Australia, Africa, Canada, United States and Britain that followed the philosophy class at an international school in Jakarta. The film, directed by John Huddles and gives a taste of tension that were presented in front of the teenagers in the classroom, a suspenseful thriller!

"The Philosophers" starring some famous teen actors and actresses such as Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series), Sophie Lowe (Australia's talented young actress in the film "Blessed" and known acting as Kate in "Beautiful Kate" and her latest film,"Road Kill"), British actor James D'arcy (play in the movie "Spy Kid"), Daryl Sabara, Freddy Stroma and Rhys Wakefield as well as Indonesian Cinta Laura Kiehl.

Is it true that the nuclear threat is realized? We are of course better say ‘enough is enough’ atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945 World War II in the past, there is no more terrible disaster for humans.

Disaster had ever happened in the past, as well as the devastating earthquake that hit the area around Prambanan Temple, Central Java in the 16th century.

Prambanan Temple complex built by Rakai Pikatan in the year 856 AD, but this region had ever neglected for a century because of the Mataram royal family with his people moved into the eastern part of Java Island.

Kingdom of Mataram is the largest ancient Javanese kingdom which began to be known since 732 AD. At that time the kingdom of Mataram was ruled by King Sanjaya, Hindu nobles who ruled the fertile region between Opak and Progo River. In the year 750 AD the region was taken and occupied by the Syailendra Dynasty who had belief of Buddhist, then Sanjaya withdrew to the highlands outside the kingdom of Mataram.

About a century later, Rakai Pikatan (descendant of King Sanjaya) married a daughter of the Syailendra dynasty. Since this time both Hinduism and Buddhism coexist and influence each other. In this Hindu-influenced power they built many temples as places of worship in the territory of Mataram.

Large temple in the middle is the Temple of Shiva also called the Temple of Roro Jonggrang, the famous legend with 1000 temples built by Prince Bandung Bondowoso several centuries ago. Shiva Temple is flanked by two temples in the north and south, namely Vishnu and Brahma Temple that reflects the Hindu belief with a beautiful temple reliefs, great art works from the past.

King Rakai Pikatan build Sewu Temple for his Buddhist wife, to the north of the Prambanan complex, an example of religious harmony coexist in a single kingdom. No wonder around the temple complex architecture encountered a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism, as can be seen in the complex of Plaosan Temple located approximately 5 km north of Prambanan Temple.

Prambanan dazzle with intricate reliefs depict a great story about King Rama and Queen Shinta in the legendary famous epic "Ramayana".

The director and screenwriter John Huddles in the movie "The Philosophers" said multiculturalism was a major theme in the movie, which revolves around a challenge to reboot humanity in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

He can feel all the impressions about the film and the setting around the temple complex of Prambanan can support a suspenseful storyline. Hopefully a nuclear disaster occurs only in the movie.

(Various sources Prima Widi Hatmi, Kompas and other sources /Images Prima Widi Hatmi and Romilda Vane -


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