Polewali 'Coconut Ice' with fresh honey...

Walking on the streets of a town in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi would be prepared to face the sun, was common in the tropical cities. Local residents are created enough to make the thirst reliever drinks, such as coconut ice that easily found in some corner of the city.

The city was busy during the day while residents are not too hasty, a tavern that sells coconut ice in Polewali, the seller names Bachtiar, who creatively make a simple potion drink coconut ice, "I made coconut ice flavor of honey plus sweetened condensed milk which removes thirst and increase energy," he said.

Once sipped this coconut ice, it's immediately different, fresh flavor immediately felt throughout the body and spirit rose quickly. Simply pay Rp 4,000 (0.47 USD) per glass with a sense different from other coconut ice. Demand is increasing coconut ice when the summer sun with skin biting.

Dry throat due to the heat of the city proper washed down with coconut ice, mr. Bachtiar shop is not too large, but the coconut ice has become a tourist destination, if a little late already a long queue ordering.

This shop is so famous in this small town and the talk of the population, this shop can say is the hallmark of his stall.

Coconut ice is quite easy to make, basic ingredients of course, young coconut mixed with smooth, cut into small pieces. Honey was in the form of original materials from villages in Polewali with the addition of sweetened condensed milk was tasty on the tongue, the more fitting when mixed with small pieces of young coconut meat and honey.

"Honey is in store for a few days, specially imported from the surrounding villages. It's different, naturally sweet," he said.

Of course, the soft sweet taste produced, not too flashy. The long journey to this city and feel good while enjoying the coconut ice of this place in a shady little tavern.

(Various sources Kompas /Image CC)


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