The loud Blueberry carving guitars from Gianyar Bali

While listening to beautiful guitar sound always brings us to the various romantic places around the world, a variety of songs produced by the world musicians and sing to everyone. Who does not like the appearance of Slash, former Guns N'Roses guitarist while appearing at Michael Jackson's 40th birhtday concert at Madison Square Garden, June 28, 2009, or perhaps still remembering the greatness of Jimi Hendrix with his special guitar?

We already know what the classical guitar and electric guitar that is often used in rock music performances, and would not be surprised if you see a guitar modified in such a way as to be a very strange shape to the owner taste.

Now what happens if a guitar is being carved? Well, this can be found in Guwang Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali named I Wayan Tuges, a famous artist and carving chisel, doing his skills and carve out a guitar as a media work, then produce it with Blueberry brand since 2005.

Wayan Tuges carving guitar results have now become known in the world music, the wearer among others, Rob Lutes, Dino Bradley, and Rick Monroe. Artistic talent that has enabled him to create a beautiful and the clear voice guitar, loud with a variety of artistic creations poured on top of the guitar body.

The beauty and charm of Blueberry guitar work of Wayan Tuges has reached Europe and US, after being used in the musical event titled "Montreal International Jazz Festival" with the help of Danny Fonfeder.

Wayan Tuges artistic creativity will not stop and he continues to innovate with the latest models, are all hand-made precious begin 2000-6500 USD, and the music will not stop, Blueberry carved guitar will accompany us sing!

(Various sources /Images CC)


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