London and UK riots whether change Britain’s image as a Tourist Destination?

As written on the site on August 9, 2011, riots that occurred since Saturday, August 6, 2011 which originated from Tottenham, north London, that the officials of tourism have warned the authorities, the spread of unrest can be addressed and no further spread to various other cities outside London.

According to them the country’s image as a safe holiday destination could suffer long-term damage, while up to day 4 riot continued until all around London and to several other cities, like Birmingham, West Bromwich, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Salford.

Until now it was reported that one person was killed, dozens injured and at least 525 people have been detained since the London Metropolitan Police riot erupted. As reported by CNN, British Prime Minister David Cameron accelerate his summer vacation in Italy and returned to London on Monday night.

London rioting and burning in several districts in London and other cities, of course, was broadcast in every news network in various countries, we hope the authorities can promptly resolve it. London and other cities in the UK of course remains one of the destinations of interest to visit, but these events may create concern for tourists visiting England.

"This is obviously not a good image of London being sent around the world, but tourism to London is normally very resilient," said Patricia Yates of VisitBritain, the official tourist board of Britain. "So long as there is a quick crackdown, thenit is not going to have an impact."

How it affects the implementation of the 2012 London Olympics? Officials of The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA), Tom Jenkins said, that the rioting would not have an impact on visitor numbers to the Olympics. Officials at the London Olympic organizing committee said there will be a comprehensive review of security arrangements in response to the events of this riot.

Expectations of course provided that these riots can be controlled, such as a tourism official said that they guarantee the tourists that keep London safe.

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    1. Thank you, all of the above information is obtained from a journalist friend at the scene. Would you also be there? If you do not know try looking from other sources.

      Of course I am careful with the news!


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