Wooww... Space Traveling with Hot Air Balloon!

Is travel merely only by planes, ships, trains or other modes of transportation that we often encounter? Yes, so far as is known in a trip or traveling. Is it possible we have other alternatives, so that makes us interested to try it?

Maybe if anyone has any new ideas, for example, of course with a trip into outer space using rocket vehicles or some kind of spacecraft, isn’t it?

What if someone had an idea to offer the use of air balloons that capable designed for rising to a height of 22 miles above the Earth, the balloons is round with a diameter of 129 meters can accommodate 4 passengers and 2 pilots. The height can be achieved as never before with any hot air balloon, which carried passengers flying into the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth's atmosphere.

Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales from Spain through its own sites www.inbloon.com that have the idea, saying that passengers can travel in space began in 2013 in a gigantic helium-powered balloon, looking at the curvature of the earth, saw the sun rising slowly sweep the surface of the earth, and even glancing at its black space in the distance.

"Up to the top layer of Earth's stratosphere with a balloon is cheaper than doing it with rockets," said Lopez-Urdiales.

Travelling with the balloon would travel in silent to the above because there is no sound up there, long journey toward the stratosphere, for three hours. The journey up and down takes one hour each from a hot air balloon departure station in Spain.

Passengers will feel comfortable inside, because the air pressure adjusted to the extreme altitude above without all the sophisticated technology, the height of a three-fold higher than the standard height of an aircraft.

Quite expensive to fly there, passengers have to pay around £ 90,000 per person, trip like the "Star Trek" movie enjoy an unforgettable planet Earth, watching the star in the afternoon sunlight and beauty of the distant horizon.


(Source inbloon.com /Images CC)


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