Block S 'Pak Kumis Meatball' Jakarta, a fun place to relax

The cool place where most young people gather around in Jakarta since the 70s as one of the options to meet friends, chit-chat or just spend the night before the daybreak.

Bakso Kumis Blok S (Block S Pak Kumis Meatball) is a famous culinary spot behind the field behind Block S since a long time ago, before the arrival of large shopping centers and mall in Jakarta since the 1990s, this place is always crowded with young people, students or even office workers.

Young people are always looking for self-identity, the search for self-existence, and they need a gathering place, joking and showing each who they are, don’t need a fancy restaurants, and this is in accordance with their pocket ability, the important things is always available the gathering place and a cheap and tasty culinary. That’s enough!

Just come after 11:00pm at night time above, though perhaps somewhat doubtful, but the atmosphere was very young impressed...

These meatball’s inn are very simple stalls only four wooden bench and some plastic bench available on a piece of land, crowded visitors each day, a big bowl of meatballs with two variations of taste, meatballs contents egg or meatballs with vein/minced meat with noodles which consists of three variations, ie yellow noodles, glass noodles and vermicelli noodles. There are still additional vegetables, bean sprouts, mustard greens, fried onions, scallions and salt as a flavoring dishes.

Jumbo-sized meatballs with menus and Fine Meatballs and Vein Meatballs, plus a sprinkling of fried onions and sliced celery. Mixed with broth cows that arouse the taste, tempting scent. Give a little bit sauce will makes more delicious. The meatballs are very soft and there’s no chewy impressed, the price only Rp 6,000 (0.7 USD) per bowl.

How about dessert? Ah, do not worry we will be offered the es podeng (pudding ice) that taste sweet and savory at Rp 7,000 (0.81 USD) per glass, cheap isn’t it?

Block S culinary place is famous for its many food choices, also available there beside Bakso Kumis, various food vendors with Indonesian culinary menu, such as chicken porridge, satay, siomay, delicious soto, goat fried rice and various other menus. Interesting places worth a try.

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(Various sources /Images Prima Widi Hatmi and CC)


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